Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a bit more about me

If you feel compelled to learn a little bit more about the guy who produces the rambling nonsense that is average jester, take a read....

About Me:    So you actually clicked on the link to learn more about me, eh? Well, here's a snapshot of who I am to give you a little insight into what you might expect from me. As for the very basics, my name is Jesse (in case you missed the bold print above) and I enjoy writing. As I say in numerous places, and  frequently in my blogs, I love to write, but I don't claim to be great at it. I write because I enjoy it and it helps me feel like I'm doing something while watching television at night.

Living Logistics:    I grew up in Texas, but now live in Minnesota, so you will see frequent comparisons between the two very different states from time to time....especially in the winter. After living in Texas up until the age of 14, my family moved to Wisconsin where I lived for almost ten years. (That was my introduction to what "real winter" is like - and YES, I know how to drive in the winter weather because that's how I learned.) I moved back to Texas and spent about eight years there before moving to Minnesota. I have experienced life in Texas in both the big city of Dallas and the wide open ranches and lakes of East Texas. Because of this, you will see I have a mixed experience of living in the fast lane and actually enjoying life in the slowed down and relaxing life of lake country.

My Family:    Meeting and marrying my wonderful wife is what I consider to be the single greatest thing to ever happen to me. (I can say that because I have TWO daughters...so that's not a SINGLE thing.) I have written a few rather long posts about her, so I won't go too far into what makes her so wonderful. Besides, she's MY wife, so it's most important to me personally anyway. As I mentioned above, I have two amazing daughters as well. You will read a lot about them in my posts as they are often my source of content. Kids see life with a different set of eyes than adults and that provides unique insight into many otherwise "everyday things." I have a large extended family spread out across the United States...and a few outside the U.S.

My Career:    If you really want to read about my career, I would suggest you visit my LinkedIn profile. That will give you an in-depth look....if you care. As a snapshot, I have done a little bit of everything including, but not limited to: tending bar, tree trimming, security, retail sales and management, manufacturing and distribution management, and now sales and account management. I am currently working in the Information and Technology industry as an Inside Account Manager. I also spent six years serving in the United States Marine Corps. Add that all together and you get a wide range of work related topics from different industries and levels in my posts.

My Convictions:    I am a WELS Lutheran and have been all my life. I don't get up on a soap box and preach to the masses, but I am not afraid to call it like it is when I get frustrated about the direction society in general is headed. I am an American patriot. I love my country and will stand up and fight for her at any time. I understand people's rights to their opinions, but I will clearly state my disagreement with them as needed. There is a difference between loving and tolerating a person or idea and being forced to agree with them. I only mentioned these few convictions so you have a basic understanding of my beliefs. I don't write to rile people up so (for most people) my beliefs probably won't affect your reading of my blog.

My Writing Style:    I write like I talk. I make a lot of sarcastic comments, goofy asides and run off on tangents. You will see an "editing/writing" style from me consisting of (comments in parenthesis) and.....multiple periods to "pause" for effect. I hope it's not too annoying, but I figured if I started writing like a professional blogger people would start to expect professional content as well. That being said, my wife is usually kind enough to point out my (basic) spelling mistakes and (horrific) grammatical mistakes so I can at least correct some of the big and obvious ones.

Many Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to read this and get to know me a bit better. Feel free to email me or comment if you have any further questions or comments. Have a great day!