Friday, August 8, 2014

My girls babysitters' wedding

I realize the title of this post makes it sound like it's the wedding of my second cousin's next door neighbor's former high school coach's daughter's wedding, but in reality,  she is a very dear and closely related friend. My family has been fortunate enough to have her attending college in our little town for the last few years. She is one of those babysitters that you hear about that you swear can only exist in some mythical land far away. You leave the house hoping that the babysitter won't kill your kids and you come home to find them sleeping peacefully in bed, the house cleaned and organized,  and the dishes are done. That's her.
She is the babysitter who not only knows EVERY little trick to keeping your kids happy while getting them to do as you say,  but also manages to get them to do it willingly.... and then asking for more. She is every parent's dream and has been a huge blessing to our family.

She got married today.

Although this is a great loss to the babysitter list we have for those date nights my wife and I have every couple of years (it seems), not all is lost. We still have a few names on the roster. ... one of which is her younger sister and apparent mentee (she exhibits the same qualities in every respect), but today is not about her. Today is about the wonderful young lady who has now devoted her life to being a loving wife to a really great guy. (For the record: she's going to be an awesome wife and mother)

I am reminded of this particularly because I am currently at home with a sick child while my wife is enjoying time with the family at our cousin's wedding reception. (Disclaimer: It IS her side of the family, who she rarely gets to see,  and we didn't know the youngest was ill until I got the girls home and she threw up on me.)

In the end, I am only doing what a father is supposed to do.... which I do "gladly". (I'll be honest. .. me cleaning up puke usually generates more from me than the original mess) I still do it though for my daughters. I know my cousin will also do it for her family because she always goes above and beyond anyway.

I'm pretty sure she'll prove to be the ultimate wife as well as the ultimate (future) mother to their children.  God's blessings on their marriage. (And "NO", you can't have her sister's name or number. .... I'm too selfish to share her. )

Until next time. ..