Sunday, September 28, 2014

Goodbye brings my new Hello

I’ve never been one for long, teary goodbyes and I’m pretty sure it’s not due to me being a cold, heartless person. I think it really comes down to two main reasons: First, goodbye is not usually for that long. Second, it’s often followed by a bunch of new hellos.

More often than not, when we say goodbye, it’s only for a short time. I specifically remember dreading the moment certain friends and family members would leave after a visit. It was in part because I didn’t want to see them go, but it was mostly because I didn’t enjoy the 15 minutes of crying in the doorway (not by me) as our guests were leaving. You would think that we were all going off to battle with a slim chance of ever returning. In reality, we would usually be seeing each other again within the year and with numerous phone calls and letters during the interim to tide us over. It seems like even less time now with social media as we’re often sharing photos and commenting online about the visit before the visitors even get out of the driveway.

Having just left one company to begin a career with another, I have had my share of goodbyes over the past week. The goodbyes ranged everywhere from the teary eyed farewells to one outright refusal to actually say goodbye because we’d still be seeing each other nearly weekly (the exact point I’m making). To me, the teary eyed goodbye takes away from the good times you had and doesn’t look forward to the good that is still to come. That leads into the side of goodbyes that I do enjoy….the next hello.

During my two days off between the old and new employers, I got to reflect on the good times with the old company and look forward to the exciting new adventure with the new company. There will be a lot of hellos this week at the new job. Hello to new co-workers, clients, projects, and more. Knowing that is a big part of why the goodbyes at my old employer last week weren’t all that difficult.

As my post title says, goodbye brings my new hello. Rather than focusing on the people and things left behind with a goodbye, I will focus on the new people and things I will get to say hello to by leaving. Besides, I will still see most of my former co-workers again in the near future and have already seen a dozen or more posts by them already this weekend. There’s not usually a huge finality in goodbyes and by focusing on the new hellos, my goodbyes will be even easier. It’s probably also why I always end my posts with: Until next time….