Wednesday, October 29, 2014

God's Beauty

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to fly to Atlanta for a couple days for some work related training. Although I am a little bit sad to be away from my girls for a couple of days, I am more sad that they can't see what I'm seeing during my flight to Atlanta. Neither of my little girls have had the experience of air least at an age when they were old enough to remember it anyway.

On a side note, I don't know if I have "officially" stated that I am a Christian in my previous posts, but this post will make a lot more sense if you knew that. (I would be a little ashamed if it didn't at least show through in what I have written though.)

Here's another little piece of knowledge about me: I enjoy listening to Barry Manilow on occasion. (You are either booing me right now or admitting that secretly you too enjoy Barry's songs.) The reason behind this is that my mom loved Barry Manilow.

I will now tie the two together for you.... Last night I had the joy of a sunset flight from Minnesota to Georgia. I happened to be thinking of my mom (who passed away last January) and I was therefore listening to Barry. Don't judge..... It's just my way. So, here I was, thinking about mom, listening to Barry, and I notice the sun setting out my window. (I had already been taking tons of photos so my little girls could see what Daddy saw.) It really got me thinking..... If this beauty and peace is seen at 40k feet. much more beautiful it must be in heaven.

There is no sound from the hustle and bustle of our earthly world. There is no filth, noise, or annoyance. (Or, maybe I don't understand what all makes up a cloud? ) It is purely God's beauty when flying above the clouds. Clear, crisp, and beautiful.

My girls may squeel and giggle over the pics I took,  but they will not understand the true beauty I was seeing until they see it for themselves with their own eyes. Much like our first views of heaven will be.

It is truly a blessing to see the reminders of God's beautiful creation in such colorful form while we are still here on earth. I may be a little sad that my girls will only enjoy my experience through photos after the fact, but I am glad that they already know about the beauties of heaven in our future and are learning to appreciate it here on earth.

Take some time to think about the beauty you see around you over the next few days. It doesn't matter if you're in the sidewalk or 40,000 feet in the air. God's beautiful creation is visible to us all. Until next time....