Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Love Fall

Growing up in Texas, I didn’t have the opportunity to truly enjoy the reality of four seasons throughout the course of the year. Texas is more of a three-season state: Summer, Hotter Summer, and Ice Storms. I will admit that there were a few days of transition between the heat of summer and the start of ice storm season. I really enjoyed those few days where I could actually smell the cooler air moving in. Although it was refreshing and invigorating, it didn’t compare to the “real” Fall I get to enjoy now living here in Minnesota.
Now, having lived in Minnesota for a little over eight years, I have started to get used to the change of seasons and started taking it for granted. That is, until my two little girls began to notice the change in seasons and reminded me of the great beauty. Although I can’t agree with their excitement that the cooler air means snow will soon be upon us (they don’t have to shovel it), I do agree that there is beauty everywhere I look.

I love the excitement my girls get from pointing out every single tree and every single color they see. A ride across town is non-stop chatter about red tree out the left window or the yellow tree ahead. We’ve been trying to get a few more bike rides in before winter hits and it’s funny to watch the lengths they go to ensure they ride through as many dried up leaves as possible….giggling the whole way.

Fall does of course bring its share of work with all the leaves that need to be raked. Raking does take a bit longer when you have two girls who want to run through, and jump into, every pile you rake the leave into. It’s all worth it though.

I was recently having a conversation with my neighbor about raking leaves. I was teasing him about coming over to rake his leaves out of my yard. The tree in the photo above is in his backyard and those leaves tend to work their way into my backyard. (To be fair, I have to admit that the two large Maples I have in my front yard put four times the amount of leaves in his front yard.) I do appreciate his plan of keeping his lawn mowed short in an effort to let all the neighbors’ leaves blow through freely. It would be an interesting concept to test on a large scale. I might even feel bad for the owner of the one yard they all ended up in….for a few minutes.

Even with the raking of leaves, I still love Fall. The colors, the brisk air, and especially my little girls’ giggles, far outweigh the work of having to rake. Besides, raking leaves is like stretching before a run when you have a Minnesota winter and shoveling snow ahead of you. So, enjoy the Fall and my excitement of what Fall brings because I can’t make any guarantees about what I will write once winter sets in and it’s 20 below for weeks at a time. Until next time….