Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter will arrive tonight

I am so utterly excited that winter is finally here in Minnesota! (***Disclaimer: Some content herein is completely false and/or a bold faced lie.) We are expecting the first snowfall of the year to commence in the next few hours. At least it is supposed to be a rather mild snowstorm to ease us into winter. News reports and weather websites are reporting that only 6-10” of snow is expected between tonight and Tuesday morning. I could complain about the snow (and I’m sure I will on numerous occasions this winter), but it never seems to do any good. I guess I am back to my good old standby attitude of trying to focus on the good that will come from winter in Minnesota.
I don’t have to mow the lawn for about five months! That may be a small victory, but it is a victory none the less. While I have to mow every single week throughout spring and summer, I only have to move snow if it actually snows. Then again, it could snow every day for a week straight compared to never having to mow the lawn more than once a week. (I’ll try not to think about that right now.)

With my new job being located right here in town, I no longer have to make the normally treacherous journey between my town and the town I used to work in. I’m sure my dislike for the old winter drive to work is in part due to my being a southern boy. In reality, I actually enjoy driving in the snow as it can be quite fun. The part I didn’t like is the risk of being late for work as it doesn’t take much to put you in a ditch and throw your morning routine out the window. (Don’t get me started on the “seasoned Minnesota drivers” who feel they have the skills to continue to drive 60 mph on packed snow and ice.) I also had the added risk of the road between the two towns getting closed down due to an unfortunate combination of a railroad track running parallel to the highway about six feet higher than the road that creates a perfect snow fence affect. It will dump a six foot deep snow drift on the road rather quickly. So, once again, I can enjoy NOT having to deal with that anymore.

Winter is really beautiful here in Minnesota! Although I do live in a very clean and beautiful town, covering everything with a nice clean blanket of snow makes it that much more beautiful. I love seeing the big snowflakes drift down from the sky and create that blanket inch by inch. It is definitely nicer than a good old Texas ice storm. On a side note though, I do have to say that the day after an ice storm in Texas is also quite beautiful. The ice glistening in the sun makes everything glow. The problem there is that the weight of ice tends to destroy a lot of the trees and take down power lines.

Sledding, building snowmen, and snowball fights are other activities that I have been enjoying more over the past couple of years. Having two little girls that are always itching to go outside and play in the snow really brings out the kid in me. The hill we have in our back yard may not be fun during the mowing season, but it sure makes a nice sledding hill. It does get a little tiring dragging the girls up the hill just to sled down again, but maybe they will be big enough this year to walk up the hill under their own power. As seen in the photo above, I tried to show my oldest daughter how hard it is to pull someone in a sled, but she didn’t get the point. She just thought it was fun “pulling” dad on a sled.

Like I said before, it doesn’t do any good to complain about winter rolling in. After all, I do live in Minnesota and I don’t foresee a winter here without snow. I am loving the fact that there will be no stress involved in making it to work on time this year. I also love the fact that my girls are both another year older and able to better enjoy activities outside in the snow. I guess I will have to wait a few more years before I hand over my snow moving duties to my girls though. Oh well, I’ll focus on the winter fun this year. (Please note that I never mentioned the temperatures being below zero for weeks at a time.) Until next time....

UPDATE: The winter storm completely missed us by a few miles to the north. The fact that the snowstorm missed us only created a much stronger and more fierce storm in our house this morning when my five year old realized that there was no snow. I guess it's a first for me: A snowless snowstorm.