Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blogger Qualifications

When I started this blog about six months ago, I started out with a list of my own concerns about writing a blog ranging from what I would write about to who would actually read my posts. I had a similar conversation with one of my sisters a couple of weeks ago. She has long had plans to take up writing and I suggested that she start writing a blog. Just to make it clear that I am obviously capable of giving such advice, I want to point out that I have now passed 1000 views on my blog. (I would like to thank the four people who looked at my blog 250 times each.) I also went to a couple of very credible sources of my talents and abilities to further justify my unique qualifications for blogging. I asked my two trusted advisers what I was good at and below is what I learned. (For the record, my two advisers are my three and five year old daughters.)
1. Hopping on one foot

Of all the talents I have, apparently this one is very important because my five year old gave me this answer before I was even done asking the initial question. I'm guessing that what she was trying to say is that my incredible ability to jump around from one tangent to another appears so natural that I could do it on only one foot. I believe she is also implying that where a mere average man would require the use of both legs to hop, her father only requires one.

2. Drawing numbers

This quality, as seen by my three year old, left me feeling a little confused. She didn't explain herself any more than those two words. I'm not sure if she is impressed with the wide range of numbers that I am familiar with or if it is merely my penmanship when it comes to writing them. We were making a countdown calendar at the time, so I am thinking that has a little something to do with it.

3. Stacking stuff

It is common knowledge that in our house that I am the go-to person whenever a lego castle or lincoln log cabin needs to be constructed. I have also been known to stack towers with books, boxes, pillows, and pancakes. I'm sure the key point being expressed by my daughters (they both agreed on my stacking abilities) is a nod to my ability to start a blog with absolutely no base content and then stack a series of pointless facts and ideas until I have a finished product. Once again, I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

4. Princess dancing

It is not uncommon to find me dancing in our living room with two little princesses. I am not sure whether I should be more embarrassed by my poor dancing skills or the fact that I know exactly which princesses they are based on the color of the dress they're wearing. I do know that one of the skills attained from daddy-daughter princess dancing is being able to work outside of your comfort zone. That is a valuable tool to have in your toolbox when posting a blog online that a good 4-5 people will be reading.

5. Braiding hair

I think this one goes hand in hand with number four. It all started one morning a few years ago when the girls decided they wanted their hair braided rather than a "boring" pony tail. I figured that I had nothing to lose because nobody would expect me to do a very good there was no real fear of messing up. Well, after a few hundred braids, I've actually gotten quite good at it. My wife has even sent the girls to me when they want a particularly difficult hair style. I also think they were implying that my ability to braid hair is very similar to my ability to flawlessly weave multiple ideas together in my writing. Or, maybe they just like never can tell.

6. Spelling things

Ok. Now we're getting somewhere. They both agreed that I had a special talent when it comes to spelling. That is truly a good quality to have when writing a blog. Then again, spell check does most of the work for me. That and my spelling abilities are being graded by a three year old who only knows how to spell her name and mom and dad. My five year old is reading now, so I will take her opinion as completely valid. At least one of these qualities has to be realistic, right?

7. Riding Bikes

I really had a tough time relating this one to my qualifications for writing a blog. After a good 20-30 seconds of deep thought, it came to me. They were clearly stating that my ability to teach them to ride a bike is a direct correlation to my ability to pass on my "wealth" of knowledge to others. The only problem is that once they learn to ride a bike, they won't ever forget. I can't say the same about the retention of my blog posts in the minds of my readers.

8. Drawing

I'm pretty sure they think I draw pictures in my blogs because neither of them have read anything that doesn't have a lot of pictures with it. They may also be assuming that I have the same drawing abilities as my dad...which I certainly don't. Of course, being able to color with crayons without going outside the lines is pretty impressive to them. I think I will take this one as my ability to keep my blog posts vivid and colorful while drawing a picture in the minds of my readers.

9. Tooting

Ok. I wasn't going to put this one in here, but I did ask them for help with tonight's blog post and I don't want to leave out any of their input. I never really thought about tooting as being a real talent or unique quality, but it does help clear the room when you want a little peace and quiet to write a blog post.

I hope that you have found this list of qualities helpful and possibly of some encouragement. If you are avoiding writing a blog because you don't think you have the qualities needed to do so just remember my list above. Although not everyone has the truly amazing skill set that I have, you should be able to see that you can turn just about anything into a "unique qualification". Just give it a shot. You don't have anything to lose. Until next time....