Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I can do it myself

My youngest daughter transitioned from at-home childcare to preschool last week. On top of that, she also turned four in the middle of last week. Putting the two together means we now have a "little" girl on our hands who feels that she is ready to take on the world. It's a really fun transition to watch. I was curious how much she was going to enjoy the preschool setting because she seemed so much more at home in the smaller in-home childcare setting. She hadn't portrayed any extroverted qualities in the past. I'm pretty sure it was just a few months ago that she would first get off my wife's lap in Sunday school to sit on the floor with the other kids and listen to the stories.

Well, a little to my surprise, and much to my relief, she took to preschool like a duck to water. She came home after the first day at preschool and very clearly stated: "That. Was. The. Very. Best. Day. Ever!" We were thrilled that she loved it so much. It also turns out that she is quite the little socializer as well. She fit right in and is continuing to have a blast.

One of the (many) ways she takes after her old man, is that she instantly became determined to do everything for herself. I know I've heard the story 100 times about how I came home from my first day of school and told mom I was going to do the dishes because I was grown up now and needed to start helping out around the house. (I'm sure that mentality lasted about five minutes.) Flash about 35 years forward, and you have my daughter's version of doing things herself. The photo above is of her trying to take a selfie while making a silly face. (We can break down the whole issue of my 4 year old freely using the camera feature on my old smartphone another time.) She was determined to do it herself. It only took about 30 seconds and 18 photos for her to realize that maybe a little help wouldn't hurt.

In the end, she learned the valuable lesson (that I think she forgot about five minutes later) that it's great to try and do as much for yourself as possible, but don't be afraid to ask for help. I'm just hoping she asks for a lot of help right now because I'm not sure how many years I'm going to be of much use when it comes to helping with things like homework. I can also see with her absolute joy in her new daily activities at school that she is like her old man. She looks for the fun and enjoyment and rides it for what it's worth. We'll see if I'm still saying the same thing when she hits her teens. Until next time...