Monday, January 26, 2015

When you cannot have a blizzard....

As we were finishing our wonderful dinner this evening, I thought I would take the opportunity to see what inspiration I could get from my girls for a blog post. I found that the more rambling blogs I write, the more ideas start rambling through my head. I even started entering my fleeting thoughts into OneNote on my phone because I found that I usually forgot the best ideas I came up with during the day. (That's why you haven't seen me write anything good yet.) Sometimes I'm just don't feel like writing about the ideas I already have though?!?

Anyway... I started my inquiry by thanking my girls for all the cute and silly things they do that continue to inspire me to ramble about them. No response. I asked what they did today and/or what the best part of their day was. No response. Next, I pulled out all the stops and asked them point blank: What should Daddy write about in his blog tonight? That did the trick. I could now see the deep thoughts bubbling up inside their tiny little heads. They were now deep in thought (my youngest even closed her eyes to concentrate) and generating what I was sure to be a whopper of an idea....and the response I got was: "I want an ice cream cone," followed by a "Yeah, me too." So, we had ice cream cones. It's pretty easy to throw me off task with the mention of an ice cream treat.

I know most of my friends back in my home state of Texas are probably wondering why I even have the fixin's for ice cream cones on hand in January. Well, I have an awesome wife and she helps ensure we have ice cream in the freezer year round. It doesn't matter if it's twenty degrees below zero outside, we still get the occasional craving for ice cream. As we're hearing news about blizzard conditions in the Northeast, the temperature here in southern Minnesota feels a lot like Spring. It warmed up to a balmy 45 degrees today. Any warmer and my girls would be asking when the local pool was going to open. (Not a joke- they just asked that last week when it was only 28 degrees outside.)

Right about now, if you're still reading at this point, you're probably wondering if there's any point to my rambling. The truth is, there is a very important and valuable lesson to be learned: Eating an ice cream cone in January is a lot less messy for a couple of kids under the age of 6 than it is in the middle of summer. To me, that's quite important. Seeing the majority of a perfectly good ice cream cone melt and run down to the ground rather than being eaten is almost as bad as spilling a pint of dark creamy stout. Almost.

I do realize that you probably would have rather read about one of my other amazing blog ideas tonight, but the girls got me focused on ice cream. For now, the ideas I have about how to create world peace, feed the hungry, and find the missing sock from your last load of laundry will have to wait for another time. If you're truly upset about this post or feeling depressed because of it, go grab yourself some ice cream. I heard it's also good for situations like those. Until next time....