Saturday, February 7, 2015

My wife in a word....or 365

My wife and I were sitting at the breakfast table this morning discussing our prestigious writing careers. (I write this rambling nonsense and she is kinda, sorta thinking about starting a blog.) I was showing her how I generate ideas by asking our girls to come up with ideas for me. Within a few minutes we had generated 10-12 ideas that she could run with to get her own blog up and running. Then she stumped me with, "What one word would you use to describe me?" Oh boy. This could lead to a very good or very bad weekend depending on my answer. (Those of you who know her, know that she's not a vindictive grudge holder.) Anyway, here it goes: My wife in a word....or series of phrases...

She has an amazing Volunteer attitude
People say that you choose to marry someone like your mom. I never really believed that until a few years ago. It didn't really help that I am the one who does the majority of the sewing and hair braiding in our house. The more I thought about it though, I realized that (whether she admits it or not) she has some mad cooking skills - just like my mom. More importantly, she has the same problem saying no to people that my mom had. In other words, she decides to just flat-out volunteer for everything.

She's always ready to help others. (Sorry if some of this is repeat of my previous gushings about my wife, but that's how much it means to me.) She is always on the run with being a mom. I would list details, but I think blog posts are supposed to be shorter than a I'll let you fill in the blanks with everything a mom does on even an average day. She has a full-time job at the local high school that has her identifying at risk students, tutoring, and now "volunteering" to create a summer reading program (after creating a grant request). She is also active with her personal business. The most amazing thing about her doing so much for others is that she doesn't forget about herself. She doesn't get enough time for herself as she should, but she knows the importance of taking care of herself too. I'm pretty sure that's just because she wants to be healthy enough to take care of everyone else though.

She has an outgoing personality
My wife was blessed with the gift of gab...then again, that might just be a woman thing?? Believe it or not, I am not an extroverted person. I would rather be alone and have quiet time than go mingle with large groups of people. (I have learned to pretend to be extroverted due to my history in the Marine Corps and multiple management and customer service jobs over the years.) Although it seems like a natural thing for my wife to be so outgoing, particularly with public speaking, it was actually a personal challenge that she faced and overcame years ago.

It may be part of her volunteer attitude kicking in to help her be so outgoing. When she sees something that needs to be done, she acts. She mingles, talks, coordinates and organizes her way to mission accomplishment. Being outgoing helps tremendously and helps ensure you don't have to do everything by yourself.

She is energetic and driven
The fact that my wife gets up early (almost) every morning to get her workout in is the first obvious sign of her energy. She is always telling me she has more energy when she gets to work out in the morning, I know that's true, but I still prefer the sleep in method. In the end, it appears that her method works better because I know she gets a whole lot more done in a day than I do.

A phrase that we use at work is "driven to succeed". My wife embodies that concept on a daily basis. Everything she does is geared to improving herself (learning & healthy) and helping others (family, friends, & students).

She's still a lady
Even after all the activities she finds herself knee deep in daily, she still knows how to be a lady. I don't imagine it's easy to transition from being the hard-working mom with multiple jobs to a loving, beautiful wife on the turn of a dime, but she does it. Just to clarify (she's a clarifier), she is still the best belcher in our house. I find it impressive that she can be the beautiful woman she is while still knowing how to cut loose from time to time.

Lady + Outgoing + Volunteering + Energetic = LOVE
I'm sure a few of you figured this out by the second or third paragraph, but the one word I would use to describe my wife is "LOVE". She shows her love for me everyday in a multitude of different ways. (Food is often high on the list for me.) She shows her love to our daughters non-stop. Children can be difficult at times, but having me as a husband has to help in some way. (Because I'm a big kid and she had practice being a "mom" before the girls were born....not because I'm all that great a helper.) I could go on and on about her love for family and friends, but once again, I'm trying really hard not to write a book here.

I think you get the general idea. My wife is full of love and I love my wife for it. As I have said many times before (not necessarily in my blog), if I could have special ordered a wife with all the "bells & whistles" that I could think of, I wouldn't have even known to order half of the bells and whistles this model came with. :)  Until next time.....