Sunday, February 22, 2015

The blogging battle begins

Writing is becoming a popular activity in our house. After starting my own blog last summer, my wife has now started one of her own (you can see it at Sarah Simplified), and my daughter has been writing "books" ever since starting kindergarten this year. Blogging is obviously huge and you could easily find numerous blogs about any possible subject you could dream up. I am constantly finding out that more and more of my friends have blogs as well. I am not ashamed to say that if I can do it, anybody can. Since it appears that nearly everybody has their own blog these days, I will try and focus just on our household for this post. I am notably the least competitive of the three writers in our house, so I am just glad I have a 40 post head start on the "competition".

Competition from my wife
My wife is going to prove to be a major force to reckon with. She has the unfair advantage of having taught high school English in the past. She also seems to have more silly stories and ideas to share. It probably doesn't help that I'm the one who is more likely to say or do something her writing material. It's not like I want to tell the world about my own silliness.

I think the real competition with my wife is going to be deciding who gets to use the material generated by our daughters. Those of you who have read a few of my posts know that the majority of my content is generated by things my daughters say and do. My wife has the unfair advantage of having a few extra hours with the girls each day. I'm curious to see if she delays telling me anything cute or silly that they did or said until after she has had a chance to post them to her blog first.

Competition from my daughter
My older daughter (pictured above) is always making "books". She is in kindergarten now and learning to read and write. This has created an outstanding desire to read and write as much as she possibly can. Since she's used to picture books, she will color pictures first, then write the accompanying text, and then staple all the pages together to make a book. I am very impressed with her ability to tell a story and even more impressed with how fast her reading and writing abilities are developing. She must get it from her mom.

She has some other advantages over me as well. She doesn't seem to have a problem coming up with fun and silly ideas. Her realization, understanding and explanations of life events (filtered by a 6 year olds' mind) never fall short of being a very interesting tale. It doesn't hurt that her spelling and grammatical abilities are nearly equal to mine. (At least I have spell check.) Mostly, she has the unfair advantage of her childlike innocence and complete lack of fear in terms of embarrassment or perceived failure.

Future competition...or not
The littlest of the family has not yet shown a great interest in writing. I don't know what her problem is....she has already been in preschool for an entire semester. So far, she pretty much just colors and writes her name. She does enjoy writing greeting cards to friends. That process typically involves her coloring a bunch of pictures and then writing the recipient's name on the envelope. (Writing the name involves her copying a name that we write on a separate piece of paper as an example.)

I see the desire to write is building up inside of her already though. Maybe I should try and encourage the artistic coloring side so that I don't have to compete with her next year already. Besides, it never hurts to have an extra person in the family who can do the illustrations.

On that note, have a great week! Let me know if you have your own blog already. I have been having fun reading through the blogs of friends that I have somehow stumbled upon. It doesn't surprise me that so many write...or that they are all fun to read. I am curious how I never knew about them before. Maybe my eyes have been opened now that I started writing my own blog?? My goal this week is to push my sister over the edge and get her to start writing her own blog. She has always had a desire to write and a blog is an easy place to start. Besides, if I can do it, anyone can. Until next time....