Thursday, February 26, 2015

The fun we have as parents

There are many things I have learned since becoming a father. One of the big things is that your list of everyday activities changes quite a bit. If you had asked me ten years ago, I never would have dreamed that I would one day be the amazing french-braider of hair that I am today. I never would have guessed that I would absolutely love dancing on my knees with little girls decked out in princess dresses. I also never would have imagined that I would often look at the clock and be surprised to see it's 10pm and wonder why I'm still awake because it's so "late".
I love all those things, but the real excitement for me has been the playing in general. When it comes down to it, I'm just a big kid. My wife has often found me sitting at the kitchen table coloring a picture torn out of a coloring book long after my girls had moved onto some other activity. She doesn't even have to ask me why I'm still coloring anymore because she knows I won't stop until I finish my picture.

This week was a special week in our house because our older daughter turned six on Tuesday. Yes, a birthday is a fun and exciting event....but that is over in a day. The REAL excitement is that she got a bunch more Legos as one of her gifts. My Lego castle building experience had previously been stifled due to a minimal amount of Legos. That is no longer an issue. I probably shouldn't admit it, but my wife has also found me finishing a Lego castle long after the girls have already gone to bed on more than one occasion. Seriously though, why would anyone stop building until they completely ran out of pieces?

Tonight was a first for the wife and I in regards to evening activities. Our six year old had a 100th day of kindergarten celebration at school recently where they had all their activities revolve around 100. One of those activities was to see how many times you could write your name in 100 seconds. Because our daughter is so impressed with our writing abilities, she thought we should have a little writing challenge to see which of us could write our own name the most times in 100 seconds. We promptly forgot about it, but were later reminded as we were tucking our daughter into bed.

Not wanting to disappoint our daughter, my wife and I found ourselves having a name writing challenge after the girls fell asleep. (Another one of those things I wouldn't have guessed I would be doing later in life.) On the first round, I wrote my name 59 times compared to my wife writing hers 43 times. Her first response (and she's probably going to throw something at me when she reads this) was, "but YOU'RE used to writing your name". To which I said, "as opposed to you never writing YOUR own name??" I did admit to her that Jesse is easier to write than Sarah. (Jesse is all "single swype" letters versus Sarah being a lot of "double action" letters.)

Since my wife is so competitive, I offered to trade names for a second chance. This time I wrote "Sarah" 56 times to her writing "Jesse" 50 times. She did improve while I got worse, but I still won. I only mention this because she beats me at everything else and I wanted my own chance to shine. On that note, I should probably sign off for now. If I don't hurry, she might get her own blog posted before I get mine posted and it would be awesome to win twice in one night! Until next time....