Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Do not forget the cuteness

It's no secret that I often use ideas from my daughters to generate content for my blog posts. This post is no exception. I did have a great idea for writing a long winded post about a pink brush we purchased this week, but my wife ruined that by beating me to the punch and writing about it on Facebook before I could. (Seriously though... if your kids have long tangled hair, get a "Wet Brush". We got ours for $8.99 at Target. It's the greatest invention EVER for no-hurt, tangle free brushing! - I'm getting excited about it all over again, so you might see a post about it in the future anyway.) OK, back on topic again....where was I?
I asked Ziva, my smart-beyond-her-years kindergartner, what I should write about tonight in my blog. Without hesitation, she said I should write about how cute Siri is. Siri is my preschool daughter pictured above. Ziva's idea surprised me on a few levels. I was taken aback at her expression of love and appreciation for her little sister. They certainly love each other, but their love for fighting with each other has been more prevalent lately. Tonight was no exception...hence my surprise.

A few minutes after I got home from work, Sarah brought the girls home from the Lenten service at church. Before I could even say hi to my girls, my wife was directing each of them to different chairs for time-outs. Apparently, they were quite a handful with their post-service, feeling a little sick, crabbiness. Over the next hour, attitudes and "vocalizations of differing opinions" soared. Tensions were running high in our household and the decision was made to start baths a little early and whisk the girls off to bed.

It was while Sarah was giving Siri a bath that I asked Ziva what I should write about. Ziva's suggestion to write about her sister's cuteness a mere minutes after they were trying to strangle each other is what brought (what I thought was) the big surprise. My response was (and I'm a little ashamed of this) that it might be a little difficult to write about how cute Siri is right now. She of course wanted an explanation. I said it might be a little tough to write about her cuteness after the rough evening we've been having where everything BUT cuteness was on display. Now for the real surprise...

Ziva's response was that I should just think about the times that Siri WAS being cute. She rattled off a half dozen examples over the last couple of days when Siri was very cute. It was a beautiful reminder of how the kids can always manage to teach (or at least remind) the adults a thing or two. So, here I am writing a post about my younger daughter's cuteness....and my older daughter being wise beyond her years. (That's my excuse for her teaching me a lesson.)

My girls are both bursting with cuteness 95% of the time. I'd be lying if I said the other 5% of the time wasn't what seemed to stick in my head longer though. My little lesson tonight was a great reminder about forgiving and forgetting. You'd think that I would be able to remember this better after my multiple posts about focusing on the good rather than the bad. Now everyone knows my secret....I'm not perfect. I know this comes as a surprise to many of you, but this post was full of surprises. I hope you can forgive me. Until next time....