Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring forward???

Daylight savings time is this weekend and this year I am going to join the club of people wondering why we even bother with it anymore. I don't think it really makes a difference to us all that much in terms of the amount of natural light. I'm sure there's a laundry list of supposed reasons for it, but I can only think of two things that benefit from it: Coffee and Beer.

Coffee is the Spring holiday. I don't know anyone that goes to bed an hour earlier the night they are forced to turn their clocks forward. I do know that millions of people take up drinking a lot more coffee for a week or two afterwards though. It may be a short lived boost to coffee sales, but it is at least a (small) benefit to someone because of the time change.

Beer is the Fall holiday. I remember looking forward to the Fall time change back in college because it meant we got an extra hour before last call at the bar. Some of the bars actually made a big deal out of pulling out a ladder and changing the clock on the wall....which then prompted everyone to buy a couple more rounds. This holiday doesn't mean as much to me anymore as I'm usually wondering what I'm still doing awake after 10pm most nights.

Because I know that coffee and beer are often used by my readers to make it through my blog posts (either to kill the pain of reading them or to stay awake while reading them), I feel I should at least leave you with a little story about the day I learned how to remember which way to turn the clock:

Many years ago, I was standing in the kitchen at my buddy's house when I made the comment that I could never remember which way I was supposed to turn the clocks for daylight savings. As luck (or lack thereof, depending on how you take it) would have it, my friend's dad, Duane, happened to be walking through the kitchen at that very moment. Well, Duane can be quite the joker and I hesitated slightly before saying "yes" when he asked me if I wanted to learn a trick to help me remember. I got a little nervous when he then asked me if I was SURE I wanted to know. I figured why not?? Afterall he did "reassure" me and say that I would never forget again. (For the record, I haven't.)

I barely had the words "ok" out of my mouth when he dove at me and basically tackled me right there in the kitchen. It was a surprise and it turned out to be a valuable and lasting lesson. He then explained by saying, "I Spring forward and you Fall back." (Spring clocks go forward. Fall clocks go back....for those of you who are too tired due to daylight savings time.) I can honestly say I've never forgotten which way to turn the clock. I still haven't learned WHY we still have to do it though.

On that note, I'm going to call it a night. I overheard my wife telling my girls that they should be going to bed a little bit earlier each night this week to prepare them for the time change on Sunday. Seeing as it's already ten after nine in the evening, I think that sounds like a good idea. (I told you my bedtimes are getting pretty pathetic.) Until next time....