Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earth Day - by Ziva

I have mentioned a number of times that much of the content for my blog posts come from something one of my daughters said or did. This post is written (almost entirely) by Ziva, my six year old daughter. I realize her spelling is about as good as mine, but I will still add a little translation to each of her slides. (She is more of a write-on-paper kind of gal so I had her write her blog and then scanned each page for posting.) Well, without further delay, here is the Earth Day submission by my guest blogger, Ziva:

TRANSLATION: We can help by keeping our community clean.

TRANSLATION: We can make a day when everybody gets together and picks up trash.

TRANSLATION: ...and by picking up sticks and by raking.

TRANSLATION: And this is how we will keep our community clean.

TRANSLATION: Until next time....