Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hubby, not Tubby

I have decided it's time to start taking back control of my health. As the title to this post states, I would rather be referred to as Hubby than remembered as Tubby. The photo on the top-left is from our wedding day in 2006. Looking back, it still amazes me that I didn't notice I had put on that much weight or that my face had gotten that round. Moving forward to about 2013, you will see in the photo top-right that my face has thinned out a bit, but I still have the round belly. That little bit of positive progression was completely because of my wife's assistance and reminders that she wanted me to be healthy and, in all reality, live long enough to enjoy our marriage.

For those of you who don't know me, I spent six years in the Marine Corps in my younger days. That obviously included quite a bit of exercise and a better discipline in regards to fitness and healthy living. Although I never had "six-pack abs", I was surprised how quickly I escalated to having a "keg" where my abs should be. It hadn't really bothered me all that much over the years, but my thoughts on the matter slowly started changing as I turned 40 last year.

Hitting the big 4-0 didn't really phase me so much in terms of the years as much as the things that have changed in the last decade. Ten years ago, I was a single man living on a beautiful piece of land in East Texas. Fishing in my pond while grilling something for supper and drinking a few beers was my only real concern. Now though, I have a wife who wants to keep me around and two little girls who (usually) feel the same. Add to that the fact that I have been medicated for high blood pressure for the better part of the last decade and have recently tested to have an "above normal" cholesterol reading. (I'm a few points past the max normal range. Nothing horrendous, but a sign it's time for a change.)

Another big factor to my recent decision to make a more dedicated effort at improving my health is that my girls are just plain too fast these days. My older daughter has done away with training wheels on her bike and until I go out and buy a bike for myself, I will be running. Considering the little run I had with her the other day wiped me out, I need a change. (For the record - the run was a shade under 3/4 of a mile. I found that sad even though I haven't run in over 15 years.)

In an effort to hold myself accountable for my own results, I am going to use this blog to track my progress. My next post will outline my plan of attack including my starting "measurements" and the goals I set. For now, I will start making a list and see what input my wife has to add. She is FAR more up to speed on these things than I am anymore. Plus, as an Independent Distributor of It Works health products, she may have a trick or two up her sleeve. Until next time....