Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Too good to be true

In my second post, I mentioned that I had pretty much stayed around 235 lbs for the last seven years or so. I also mentioned that I was going to run with the magic starting number of 235 since I wasn't about to risk waking my girls up to go dig our scale out of the linen closet which happens to be in their room. Well, tonight I finally got around to digging out the scale and I weighed myself.
I wasn't sure at first if the scale was broken or my first ten days of this health challenge had been extremely productive. I say that because the scale said 217 lbs. I know there is no way I lost anywhere near 18 pounds in ten days. Then I remembered I had a physical last month. Thanks to the online medical chart, I was able to see what I weighed in at in the medical clinic. (It was 219 lbs.) So, back in the real world, I've only lost 2 pounds in the last month. To me, that means absolutely nothing since I would imagine my weight fluctuates a few pounds back and forth anyway.

Even starting with a faulty number, I am still encouraged by this finding. For starters, it will be a lot easier to meet my initial goal of getting under 200 lbs. I also now have the added mental boost of realizing that I'm not as far away from my target goal as I originally thought. I am going to use this little boost to fuel my desire to stay on track to meet my goals. I am fully aware that I didn't really do anything to get to this point, but it does help with the overall mental game when the finish line gets moved so much closer. Until next time....