Friday, May 8, 2015

Family fun night is getting crazy

There have been a lot of card games being played in our house over the last few weeks. It all started with the girls being mesmerized by a little 21 card magic trick I showed them. That led to Ziva learning how to do the trick herself. After performing the trick for each other about 20 times, it started to get a little old. The fun is pretty much gone once everyone knows how it works. For some reason, kids just don't see things the same way we do.
Grasping for anything to not have to perform the same magic trick for the 21st time, I told them about a card game that my mom taught me. It's a little game called 52 card pickup. For those of you who may not have heard of 52 card pickup, the point of the "game" is to have the dealer toss cards out one at a time while the players have to catch them before they touch the ground. You start with a few easy tosses, followed by a few more cards at a quicker pace and then finally spray the rest of the deck across the players. They then get to pick up all 52 cards. The girls loved it and wanted to play it 20 times in a row.

Then my wife swooped in to save the day. She taught Ziva how to play Speed. Ziva then had to teach me how to play. It's actually a pretty fun game to play and I love that it's helping my little kindergartner with her quick thinking skills. Without going into all the details of the game, it basically involves playing a card that is either one greater or one smaller than the card showing on the pile between you. The first one to run out of cards wins. I am a little ashamed to say that I only win about half the games I play with Ziva.

After about 100 games of Speed, Ziva started getting sick of it and wanted to play something else. (I was holding out for more Speed as a little payback for all the times I had to do the magic trick.) Once again, Sarah swooped in to save the day. She taught Ziva how to play Solitaire. She then had to re-teach me how to play Solitaire because apparently I have been "cheating" all these years. (That's what happens when Microsoft takes Solitaire off their operating systems.) Anyway, Ziva has gotten pretty good at Solitaire now too. Sarah promised to teach us how to play Solitaire with two people this weekend - so we're all excited. (I'm still confused how it can be called Solitaire if there's two of you playing?!?)

You're probably wondering what our four year old Siri has been doing during all these card games. Well, she "plays" too. At first, she was content shuffling her own deck of cards, mixing them around, stacking them up, etc. Then she started copying what we were doing and eventually sitting in and playing some slow motion versions of speed with us. (Once again, I'm not sure if the same name can be used when Speed is being played in slow motion.) This is when things really started to get out of hand...

The other night, I walked into the living room to find Sarah and Siri sitting on the floor with a huge pile of cards between them and I asked what they were playing. My wife looked at me with a look that was half confusion and half smirk and said/asked, "I think we're playing a drinking game??" Siri looked up at me and told me the rules: "You pick up a card and if it's a 7 or an Ace, you have to take a sip of your water." Yep, that sounds like a drinking game. I imagine it started out because Sarah was trying to get her to drink more water because Siri was sick this week and she isn't known for staying well hydrated. Anyway, we now have to ask them to keep their voices down when they are running through the house shouting that they want to play a drinking game. What will the neighbors think?

I do remember being told a few years ago that you really feel old when you find yourself playing cards and drinking with your kids. I never thought it would happen so soon. So, even though I may be old based on that criteria, it also makes me sound like one of the younger crowd. When asked what I did last Friday night, I can honestly say that I spent the evening playing drinking games with a bunch of girls. Until next time....