Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moms Galore

I'm not usually one to make a big deal out of many of the holidays we celebrate throughout the year. Mother's Day is one that has become more important to me over the past few years (for a number of reasons), so I am going to do the "typical blog thing" and write about mothers on Mother's Day.

For a quick review of the ladies who hold a special place in my heart on Mother's Day (and all the days in between - if you want to get technical), take a look at the photo above. From left to right, you will see my Mom holding me shortly after I was born, my wife holding our girls and my other Mom (technically Sarah's Mom, but she's good about sharing).

My Mom pulled out all the stops when it came to raising me. I'm sure some of that is because she was just plain awesome, but part of it is due to the fact that I was quite a handful and she didn't have much of a choice. I learned a lot from my Mom (a list I won't make here due to a lack of storage space and bandwidth on my website) and much of it I didn't realize until I was much older.

Some things she taught me are simply useful like making me learn how to sew my own button back on my shirt. Because of that, I am now the primary mender of all that is fabric in our house. (Come to think of it, I'm not sure that was a good example or not since it just added work for me later in life??) My understanding of how amazing my Mom was didn't become clear to me until I had children of my own. That brings me to the next Mom in my life - the Mother of my children.

Don't tell her I said this, but she does the work of about three people and really needs to learn to get a little "her time" in from time to time. As is common with most mothers out there, she's always on the go, or at least on high alert for the next time she'll have to be on the go. Seeing first hand all the things she does, not only for our girls, but for our whole family, makes me appreciate what my own Mom did for me over the years.

I would love to get into listing examples of her awesomeness, but as with my own Mom's list, there isn't enough time or space to do so today. You can check out my previous blog, "My wife in a word," for a starter list. (It's probably still over on the right margin of my website under "reader favorites" because it has stayed in the top four posts of all time since it was written. Some of her amazing "Mom qualities" came from on-the-job training, but the bulk of it came from her own mother's example. That leads me to my other Mom.

Sarah's Mom has been amazing since the day I met her. Rumor has it she was amazing even BEFORE that! (I've known her for less than a decade.) She felt like my very own Mom as well right from the beginning. (I can say the same about my wife's Dad too, but it's not Father's Day today so I'll hold off.) This familiar bond became even more important last year when my own Mom passed away. This is now my second Mother's Day without my own Mom to call and talk to. I'm not sure how to say this next part and get the point across, but I'll try... It means so much more to me to still have my "2nd Mom" now that my Mom is gone, but at the same time, it's not that I only partially appreciated her in the first place. Is that clear as mud?

Make sure to tell your Mother how much she means to you today. You should really do it every day, but good luck keeping up with a mom in motion long enough to get your point across. At least on Mother's Day she might have a few minutes to sit back and kick her heels up. THAT's the time to swoop in for all the sappy and thankful words of gratitude.

We're a little more low key in our household. I don't think this blog post counts as gratitude for my wife because she knows full well that I would have written "something about something" today anyway....and the Mother's Day blog is kind of a cop-out as far as generating unique content if you ask me. My loving and thankful note to my wife said, "Dove Dark Chocolate." It might not sound like much, but she absolutely loved it, She might even get a chance to sit down and eat it if she'd just hurry up and finish the dishes and the laundry....Just Kidding....She's actually taking a 15 minute power nap right now. That's a full 14.9 minutes more than she usually gets once a week. Until next time....