Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring is in the air....and lungs

This week hasn't been a total loss in the personal health challenge, but it certainly had its inconveniences. I think the phrase "Spring is in the air" has completely different meanings for people with and without allergies. Everyone in our household has been sick to some degree at some point during the last week. Considering the number of cases of strep throat going around the schools, I am just happy we are all only dealing with cold and allergy symptoms. Even so, they make you feel like garbage for a few days.
It actually surprises me that the allergies hit the girls and I so hard this week considering it rained a little almost every day. You would think that would have knocked down some of the airborne allergens. It probably doesn't help that my little ones like to collect "flowers" and bring them into the house. I am referring to the "flowers" in the photo above. I wouldn't care as much if they'd bring the yellow dandelions inside, but they brought a load of the white, fluffy, sneeze inducing variety into the house.

The good side to all the rain is that the grass grew like wildfire. That means that after a week of not getting out on the bike and having very limited walks, I was at least able to get outside and mow the lawn today. Unfortunately, that was about the extend of my physical activity this week between the rain and being sick.

Another bright side is that being sick ruins my appetite, so portion control was pretty easy this week. I'm curious to see if it's had any affect on my weight this week.

My final bright and shining moment of the week is that tomorrow is the big day when my family gets to see if I turn into a raging madman without any form of nicotine. I've been milking my last tin of Kodiak pouches for a week now and they will officially be gone now. No more safety net for me. Probably for the best as the whole step down theory seemed a bit half-hearted even though I know I actually want to quit this time.

I'm going to call it a night. I feel I am nearly back to 100% in regards to the cold/allergy symptoms that have been plaguing me all week, but I am getting tired. It probably doesn't help that I just realized it's after midnight. What happened to the last three hours?? Until next time....