Saturday, May 2, 2015

Walking Weather

It looks like the weather is now going to cooperate with my grand plan to be more active outdoors. My ramp up to healthier living is on track so far. It's not like I couldn't exercise inside during less than optimal weather, but it will help me a lot to be able to do something active outside. Everything else seems to be going at least as smooth as I hoped it would.
I have started eating a healthy breakfast every morning while also cutting down my meal portions at every meal. It's kind of fun feeling full already after eating these smaller meals. I am also on track to be tobacco free. I had stepped down to pouches from chew (you can read about that in a previous post) and I think I will be able to stop even the pouches early this week.

Although I didn't specifically line it out in my plan, I also cut back on my Diet Pepsi consumption (sorry Pepsi - it was a good ride). That was originally because of the high Sodium levels in Diet Pepsi which does not play well with my high blood pressure. I have also been hearing more about how diet sodas contribute to belly fat - something I have plenty of. I'm not sure that I completely believe that since what's healthy and what's not seem to go back and forth so much.

This week I am going to get moving on my activity levels. The occasional walks with my girls have been better than nothing, but they aren't doing what I need them to be doing. Although I will continue to enjoy my family walks, I am going to start doing some walking of my own at a brisker pace than my little girls' legs can handle. The fact that there is plenty of yard work to do will just be an added bonus.

On a side note, I have realized that I have a few friends who are also on a health improvement/weight loss plan. One of the wonders of Facebook is being able to track each others accomplishments and cheer each other on. My plan involves some basic health changes with the added support of some ItWorks health products. I have a few friends doing the same and a few others using Isagenix. It will be interesting to see how the results compare. Considering I started this blog to track my progress AND hold myself accountable for results, I like the fact that I can be encouraged by my friends doing the same and get a glimpse of what different plans and/or products work for different people.

Since it's already beautiful outside on this fine Saturday morning, and typing on the computer doesn't help my physical health, I will head outside and get to work. Have a great weekend everyone! Until next time....