Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The blessings in life

Life is full of wonderful blessings. Sometimes they're quite easy to see, but other times you have to look a little deeper. I have a few different posts on this blog already referring to how I like to focus on the good side of things rather than letting negativity take over. I was fortunate to be given another beautiful example of this yesterday afternoon.

I was typing away on the computer at work late yesterday afternoon when I received a phone call from my wife. I found it odd that she was calling me, rather than sending a quick text, to ask me to grab some milk and bananas on the way home from work. Hearing the words, "I just had a blowout and I'm stuck on the side of the road," brought me a big relief....I didn't have to remember to get milk and bananas....because I often forget. That was blessing number one.

So, I said farewell to the gang in the office and headed across town to pretend to be her knight in shining armor. I almost could have pulled it off too - changing a tire in my khakis and long sleeve button down dress shirt, but it was not meant to be. My grand thoughts of throwing the spare tire on and driving over to the tire store came to a screeching halt (no pun intended....well, maybe a little) when I got the the scene of the "blowout". The picture above may not show it as clearly as I saw it upon arrival, but the tire was bottomed out in the wheel well....a pretty clear sign than it was more than a flat tire. It's a shame too because the tires are only a few months old and are covered under a road hazard plan that I accidentally purchased.

Realizing the larger issue at hand, I made a call to get a local wrecker coming. I may be the guy they put the picture of the gas can on the gas cap for, but I know how to call a wrecker when needed. I then played the "knight" part as best I could and sent my wife and youngest daughter off in my truck to pick up our other girl. (Apparently a loud "blow-out" is exciting stuff for a four year old.)

Well, it turns out it was actually the ball joint that blew out which pretty much drops any support on that corner of the vehicle. If you look at the photo below, you'll see the newly unrestrained metal arms did a nice job of gouging out the tire and alloy wheel. (It did a number on the pavement for about thirty feet too, but I didn't want photographic evidence of that....just in case.)

Seeing the actual failure and the damage done, I quickly realized blessing number two from yesterday afternoon. My wife had just left my daughter's preschool and hadn't even driven a full block. She was driving at maybe 20-25 mph at the time the ball joint failed. What if that ball joint had blown out while going 65 mph on one of the many two lane highways all over southern Minnesota? I'm not even going to dwell on that right now any more than to say it's VERY easy to be thankful for this version of the story. I would gladly take the inconvenience of a few hours of my time and a few hundred dollars of my money over the alternative any day.

I already got the call tonight after supper that the Jeep is already done and ready to roll. That would be the third blessing stemming from this event. It was a relatively quick and painless repair and we're back up and running again. If I wanted to really start looking for added bonuses, I could also mention that none of the passing drivers ran over me or the wrecker driver. My wife also said she had nearly a half dozen people stop and ask if she needed assistance before I got there. (Which wasn't that long of a time span - really.) I even had a buddy stop and ask if I needed a hand. And this morning, my neighbor was kind enough to drive me to work so my wife could take my truck. The small blessings just kept adding up. That's just one of the things I love about small town living.

OK. I've rambled on long enough for one evening. This was a pretty easy situation to identify the good aspects. Although they're not all this obvious, they are all around you. Keep that in mind when things just don't seem to be going right in your day. It could always be worse. Until next time....