Saturday, June 27, 2015

Too much information

I realized that I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to posting to Hubby Health. I haven't fallen off the health wagon though - although I have stalled out a little bit on my progress. It's in part due to my personal drive waning and part due to a family vacation. I do have to say that my hat is off to anyone and everyone who can maintain a healthy diet while on vacation. I know it's completely possible...just requiring a little extra effort.
We spent a week at a lake in northern Wisconsin. If you're wondering about the photo above, here's your explanation: Although I was surrounded by God's great beauty of the piney woods, I spent a lot of that time on a toilet. Don't get mad....I did title this post "too much information". Don't worry though - it does end up being health related.

The worst part for me about vacation eating is that I either seem to be eating junk fast food while travelling to and from my destination or eating way too much of some delicious meals that were specially prepared for me at said destination. I did both this time around. Add to that the fact that I do even less exercise on vacation than I do at home (I don't exercise much even at home), it makes for a less than healthy trip.

I think I have to count this trip as a wash though. I "got" to eat the junk food and the larger than normal helpings of real food, but I still managed to keep off any extra pounds. That reality of course came at a price. It was because the food didn't want to stay with me all that long....still doesn't to tell you the truth. For those of you trying to do the math, it started on Monday night and it is now Saturday afternoon when I'm writing this post.

At first I thought I just got a touch of food poisoning because we had just eaten out at a restaurant, but that didn't prove to be the culprit. I ate an entire piece of peanut buttered bread and half an apple all day Tuesday. That didn't help any. Wednesday was a travel day and I managed to eat a homemade burger before leaving the lake and a chicken sandwich at McDonald's on the drive home. Neither were probably the best choices on a completely empty stomach, but at that point, I just wanted to eat anything that at least seemed appealing at the time.

During the drive home, my stomach pains grew considerably worse. I'm not talking about "where's the next available restroom" pains. I'm talking about "who stuck this hot poker in my belly" pains. It was enough pain (and I'm a wimp when I'm sink) that I made a trip to the ER that evening. An IV and a CT scan later and I knew exactly nothing more than when I went in....but I was given some vague possibilities, some pain meds and directions to see a different physician on Thursday afternoon.

Thursday consisted of a consult with a great physician. I may be biased because I know the guy, but I always appreciate his ability to ask a handful of pertinent questions and provide a solid diagnosis. Step one was to take a breath test to check for a bacterial infection. Unfortunately, that proved to be negative. I say "unfortunately" because that could have been solved by some antibiotics. That also means that step/option two is a possible ulcer. I have some acid blocking meds to try for about a week before needing to take step three. Step three will end up being a scope down my throat to actually look for an ulcer. I won't talk about step four because that WOULD be too much information.

In the end (no pun intended), I was able to eat quite a bit during vacation (minus Tuesday) and still not gain any weight out of the whole ordeal. I suppose it would have been easier to just eat better and not have to spend so much of my vacation in the bathroom. The bigger fear I have now is what a possible ulcer will mean for my condiment and toppings selection. I have always been a cayenne pepper, with jalapenos and tabasco sauce on my food kind of guy. Somehow I don't think that's going to be a viable option while I have an ulcer flaring up. Until next time....