Sunday, June 7, 2015

Writing is contagious

This whole writing thing is starting to get out of hand in our household. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying that it's really starting to snowball. I've heard of writer's block before, but I am now curious if there's also some contagious writer's disease that makes people around you want to write.
My soon-to-be first grader has really turned into a reading and writing champ this past year. I'm guessing she gets it from her mother because I don't remember reading and writing all that much when I was going into first grade. I think the idea of writing is all the more appealing to her because she has done so well with the reading side of things. Anyway, we are apparently going to write a book together this summer.

You may recall the Earth Day post my six year old wrote for my blog back in April. It started out as a fun little afternoon activity for the two of us and ended up being a pretty big deal. It's currently holding the #4 spot of highest viewed blog posts to date. I'm not sure whether I am proud of her, disappointed in myself, or a little of both. I mean, I've written like 60 blog posts so far and that means at least 56 of them were less appealing to others than what my kindergartner (going on 1st grade) wrote. (I think I'll stick with the proud part - I know the cute kid drawings probably did a lot of the work.)

She and I discussed the idea of her writing a journal this summer documenting the things she does, but she wasn't thrilled with the idea. When she learned that her classmate was writing one, then she was on board with the idea. She is always writing her own little "books" and I wanted her to start writing something meaningful to her - rather than the 147th version of a Queen Elsa and Princess Anna scene. Now that she likes the idea though, she wants to jump right past the daily journal idea and start writing a book. I can live with that. I'm thinking a kid's book with about 20 pages at roughly 6-10 words per page. She has other plans though.

For the past few weeks, she has been reading chapter books. (I'm pretty sure I started that around third grade - another reason I think she gets her reading abilities from her mom.) To her, chapter books are where it's at and therefore the type of book she wants to write. The "problem" is that she has half a dozen different book ideas. I know there's no way we'd get multiple chapter books written in one summer. I'd be surprised if we were able to complete one chapter book over the summer. Well, I did a little wheeling and dealing with her had got her to agree to a compromise.

We could work together on a series of short stories. I explained to her that if all goes well, we could turn it into a chapter book and if we struggled to make "longer stories" out of her ideas, then maybe we could make individual kid's books instead. I may have failed to mention to her that I would probably be posting one or two of them on the blog. Can you really blame me though? How many bloggers have a secret weapon, six year old guest blogger to boost the ratings every once in a while?

I'm looking forward to writing with my daughter this morning. Who knows, maybe I'll finally learn a thing or two about writing? Hopefully, it will be just as much fun for her. I'm thinking I should start scheduling out next summer for writing a screen play. I'm sure by then my daughter will want to turn her chapter book into a movie. Until next time....