Friday, July 24, 2015

From Star Wars to Minions

One of the great joys I have being a father is watching my girls experience the same kind of excitement I enjoyed as a kid. Tomorrow I get to experience another one of those events. We are taking the girls to their very first movie in a theater.

I'd be lying if I said they haven't seen a gazillion bazillion movies already. (Note: I'm not sure if "gazillion bazillion"  is a real number, but my girls seem to use it a lot.) It is a little sad that it has taken this long for them to get to experience the pleasure of watching a movie on the big screen. Maybe a little more so for my six year old than her four year old sister.

I am fairly certain that the first movie I ever saw in the theater was Star Wars. Using a highly complex mathematical equation involving my birth year, the year Star Wars was originally released and the fact that my folks probably took me to see it at the discount dollar movies, I was able to determine how old I was when I saw my first movie in a theater. It was in the afternoon of the day I turned four years, six months and eighteen days old. (Saying "about four and a half years old probably would have sufficed.)

In all honesty, I may be off by a year or so and I'm really only about 94% sure it was actually Star Wars that I saw first. I am however certain that I remember the most vivid details from walking into that theater for the first time. I remember not knowing what to expect and then just standing there with a mix of shock and awe when I first saw the big screen. For any youngsters (younger than 40) reading this, you have to realize that we didn't have 50" televisions back then and Beta and VHS were only a few years old at that time and not exactly found in every home. Seeing a movie meant that it was playing on tv....the 13" black and white box on the bookshelf. (For those of you who only know about Netflix, Hulu and the like, there were also these things called commercials that we had to wait through between scenes.)

In trying to prepare my girls for the awesomeness of seeing the ginormous screen (yes, another word my girls taught me), I've just been saying the screen is as big as our house. They just seem to stand in dumbfounded awe as they try to imagine it. It's going to be great seeing their expression when they see the real deal.

My wife and I have had our reasons for waiting until now to take them to a theater: Sound and light. Or, more accurately, very loud sound and the pitch blackness of the theater. I won't claim to understand the mix of fears my girls have. They'll see a vicious, barking great dane the size of a house (or movie theater screen) and say, "Oh look. A puppy." A few seconds later they will run in terror from a bee that's twenty feet away. Of all their fears though, loud sounds has seemed to top the list. (The darkness probably wouldn't be so bad without the sound factor involved.)

For tomorrow, we're hoping to put the girls' fears aside, take a leap of faith and hope for the best. In the end, if anything is going to put a damper on the experience, it will probably be potty breaks in the middle of the movie. I'm not looking forward to missing any of the movie taking them out because I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty funny movie. We'll see how it goes. Until next time....