Sunday, August 2, 2015

Little Helpers

For the first time in I don't know how long, I had the whole house to myself for the weekend. My wife took my girls to Wisconsin for a long weekend to see her folks. That left me with an empty house and a long list of chores to complete without the "assistance" of my two little girls. I had great ambitions on how much I was going to get done and I made a pretty good dent in my list.
I learned two things this weekend: Wasps don't like painters and living the bachelor life isn't what it used to be.

The title of this post has a dual meaning. I often refer to my two little girls as my little helpers. Those of you with kids know that when your kids want to help, it means the task will take three times as long. I love the girls dearly and I am excited to see them wanting to learn how to do things and be helpful around the house, but some jobs just don't have a role for them. The biggest task this weekend was painting the exterior trim on the house. This is where my other "little helpers" came into play.

While painting the trim at the peak of the roof, I was introduced to a very friendly swarm of wasps that apparently didn't like the darker trim color. They did their best to get me to stop. Their initial attack left me with eleven stings, but fortunately still attached to the ladder. (A good thing since I was at the top of the extension ladder when they attacked.) On the bright side, they did help me paint that side of the house in very short order. I wasn't going to hang around any longer than I had to.

I should point out that the wasps had the last laugh though. They had one of their friends sting me an hour later in the shed. I guess it was a reminder to me for future reference...and it rounded out my wasp sting total to an even dozen for the day.

Although I was able to get all the painting done on my bachelor weekend, I did realize that the bachelor life is not the same as it used to be. It was fun for a few hours to have some peace and quiet...and enough elbow room to work, but by Saturday morning though, the silence was deafening, No little girls running around the house wanting to play. No back to back activities to fill out the weekend. Having to figure out for myself what I'm going to eat...and then make it.

I have one more evening by myself and then my girls will return home tomorrow. I'm excited to see them and hear how their weekend getaway went. I'm not real thrilled about work tomorrow though. I've found it's a bit fun trying to type with my hand swelled up from wasp stings. It will be interesting since I work on a computer all day long. I just keep telling myself that it could have been much worse. A twenty foot fall from the ladder to my neighbor's driveway would have hurt a lot more than a dozen stings. On that note, I am going to sign off and relax for a bit now ...and maybe sneak in a little bit of house cleaning I was supposed to do. Until next time....