Saturday, August 29, 2015

There must be something in the water

I remember the excitement that rushed through me each time we found out we were going to have a baby. Recently, it seems like everybody under the sun is getting pregnant and it got me thinking about how we would react to the same news today. My wife and I seem to be hearing about a new pregnancy on a weekly basis lately. We each have co-workers, family members and friends from church that are expecting. Plus a few that just had a baby. The authors of a couple blogs I follow are also expecting. That really has me wondering if there's something in the water...and should we be avoiding water right now?

For the record, my wife and I are not one of the couples who are expecting. Although we would see another child as a blessing, it would be a rather large surprise to us right now. We love our children dearly (and would love any additional children), but right now it would be a bit of a shock to the system to find out another little one was on the way. For now, I'll just enjoy the excitement our friends and family members are experiencing with their own pregnancies.

Newborn excitement
Having already been through the newborn experience twice now, I can say that it definitely flies by too fast. Seeing one of our friends with a newborn in church today reminded me how nice it was to have a baby that would just sleep in your arms through the service. They are also like little magnets. Following the service it's fun to watch everyone gravitate towards the sleeping newborn. My wife and I even got in a few peaks, ooohs and ahhhs. For us right now though, we'll leave it at that. It's kind of like one of my sisters who absolutely loves being an aunt. She can play with my girls, spoil them, and most importantly, leave them with their mom and dad at the end of the day.

For some reason, like most parents, we were too eager for our girls to roll over, sit up, walk and talk. What were we thinking? Enjoy them while they are babies. There is a satisfaction in just watching your baby sleep that we try to rush through. You also find out too late how nice it is to know that a newborn will be wherever you last left them. Having two girls now that never stop talking and are always on the move makes me appreciate the newborn stage....but not quite enough to want another one of my own right now.

Toddler excitement
You will quickly find yourself saying things like "they grow up so fast" and "they do the cutest things." The toddler stage brings a lot of this out. They are little explorers at this point. They've figured out how walk and talk and they never stop doing either one. They are curious about everything and will thoroughly investigate each and every thing they come across. This can wear you out as a parent. It's the stage where you start wondering if the people who have their kids on leashes are really all that crazy.

On the flip side, it's pure joy watching them learn and develop. Seeing how their trial and error attempts at everything slowly turns into a new talent is a fun process to watch. They then take that new talent and use it to work on the next one.

Starting school excitement
Now that my kids are in first grade and preschool, there's a whole new level of excitement. Being able to have actual conversations with them is a real joy. The speed at which they learn never ceases to amaze me. It seems like a few months ago that I was reading books to my girls that had 2-3 words on each page. Now my first grader is reading chapter books to me. (I am still holding to my assumption that my girls will be smarter than me by the time they reach 6th or 7th grade.) I am truly enjoying watching them learn and grow at such a fast pace. Then again, I'm afraid I will blink and they'll be going off to college.

I can safely say that my wife and I are very content right now. We are content with watching and helping our "big girls" turn into young ladies (or princesses if they had their way). We are content with getting our baby fix by means of seeing and holding our friends' and family members' newborns rather than one of our own. I know the girls would love to have a little brother or sister and they would probably even be good little helpers with their new sibling, but that's not quite enough reason to have another child right now. Of course, God could have different plans for us in this regard. Until next time....