Saturday, October 17, 2015

Crying over a couch

My wife and I decided to do a little bit of cleaning around the house today. What started out as a plan for basic vacuuming and dusting quickly turned into a major project. Before we knew it, we were rearranging furniture. Dressers, desks and couches were shuffled around the house - upstairs to downstairs, living room to name it, we did it. The biggest surprise of all was the decision to finally retire an old couch that has seen better days.

This couch belonged to my wife long before she and I even met. It has served us well so far, but it barely survived the last six years once we started having kids. In all honesty, we have a pretty small house - with a living room that feels like a closet. So, after getting fed up with fighting stains and some torn fabric, we decided to say goodbye to the couch. Sarah and I didn't really think it would be a big deal so we hauled it out to the curb. If nobody grabbed it first, I was planning to call the trash service on Monday to grab it. (We saw it getting hauled off while eating supper tonight.) I need to back up a bit though to hit the real story here.

Within seconds of telling our girls that we would be carrying the couch out to the curb to get rid of it, both girls were in tears. At first I thought they were just playing, but after a minute or so, I realized they truly did appear to be distressed about losing this couch. It got so bad, I even commented to Sarah that you'd think their dog had just died or something. (We don't have a dog so maybe they really did get that attached to the couch??) After thinking that was strange, the girls really surprised me with how they reacted to other items we chose to get rid of.

My girls apparently have more toys than they know what to do with. My initial support for this argument was the fact that they rarely play with half their toys. Even though they seem to have forgotten about half their toys, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought they'd let us get rid of any of them. Well, they shocked me today. Can we get rid of this giant stuffed Panda bear? Yep. Can we get rid of these dolls? Go ahead. How about these toy baby cribs? What cribs? That blew my mind.

Maybe they were in shock over the loss of the couch?? Whatever the reason behind their apparent detachment from these toys, we managed to do a pretty amazing job cleaning the house. At least there's a lot less clutter to have to deal least in the near future. We seem to generate clutter without much effort.

On the bright side, the girls seemed to have made it through all the stages of grief in regards to the couch. The photo with this post was taken shortly after the teary meltdowns over the couch. Yes, they are in their our front yard sitting on the couch moping. An hour later, they were out front (in their play clothes - not jammies) holding up a sign the read "FREE" trying to wave down every passing vehicle in an attempt to find a good home for our couch.

All I can say is, "All is well that ends well." I'll count today as a win. As an added bonus, I was able to use the "pick up those toys or I'm going to put them by the curb" (empty) threat with tremendous success today. Who knows...maybe they're just happier now that there's a little more room to play without the couch in the way. Until next time....