Sunday, December 20, 2015

First Big Fight

After 9+ years of marriage, my wife and I are gearing up for our first fight. I don't mean a spousal argument, but rather throwing on some boxing gloves and trading punches. I should probably explain this a little better before you get the wrong idea and call the police for domestic abuse. My wife and I are going to start working out together by means of a little fun and friendly hand-to-hand combat.

For my wife, this is an opportunity to take the kickboxing workout videos she's done in the past to the next level. For me, it's something I've always enjoyed and a form of exercise I am actually likely to keep up. (It doesn't hurt that it involves both of us and my wife already has excellent workout habits.)

It all came to fruition this morning while my girls were playing a boxing game on the Wii. My wife (Sarah) asked the girls if they'd like to see her punching with real gloves. Within a few minutes, Sarah had my daughter's boxing gloves on and I had punching mitts for her as targets. I have to say she's a pretty good pupil and therefore a fast learner when it comes to punching technique. We even spent a few minutes working on her sidekick and front roundhouse kick.

We have decided to go ahead and get sparring gear for each of us so we can use this as an ongoing form of exercise. As I alluded to before, I am not great about sticking to a workout routine. I need something that I actually enjoy if I have a chance of maintaining a routine. I have always found martial arts to be a great cardio workout. Considering I have high blood pressure and some extra weight to lose, this may just be the ticket. There is more than just exercise involved though.

There aren't that many things my wife and I get to do together all that often anymore. It's kind of fun to have an activity that we both enjoy...while helping me get a bit of exercise. (Sarah would workout regardless.) Considering we both have many of the same stresses (life isn't always a dream) this is also a way for us to get our minds off things that are stressing us and burn off some tension.

Self Defense
Knowing how to throw a punch (and take one) is a good first step for self defense. After just 20 minutes in our first session this morning, Sarah already has the ability to blind and drop an attacker so she can then escape. OK. So that part probably meant more to me than her, but she did have fun punching and kicking. I did tell her that I wanted to work some other self defense techniques into our workouts. Learning how to get out of holds or how to do a take-down is a good cool down exercise.

I think this is the beginning of something great. It improves the odds of me successfully sticking to a workout routine. It give my wife and I a bot of together time where we have the added benefit of blowing off steam (or stress). It makes me feel better about my wife's ability to defend herself should the need arise. It will also eventually build confidence for my wife should she ever have to use it for self defense. Last, but certainly not least, it paves the way for me training my girls in the same techniques in the future. I'm already off to a good start in that light as my older daughter already has a nice back fist-punch combo.

I'm really excited about this...even more so because I know Sarah is excited about it too. I wonder how long I have to wait before teaching her some knife fighting skills. Maybe we'll wait and see how the punching, kicking, pressure points, joint locks and take down moves go first. Until next time....