Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Small Stuff Matters

It seems to be a semi-annual, knee-jerk reaction on my part to get fed up with Facebook and think about deleting my account forever. Any time I have gone ahead and deleted my account in the past, I ended up logging back in just a few short weeks later. I admit, the overall benefits of social media outweighed my irritations with it.

My problem with Facebook has always been the way it tells me what it thinks I want to see rather than what I "tell it" I want to see. Most of you can probably relate to the annoyance that is formerly known as the "News Feed." Looking back, the news feed has always been the reason behind me deleting my account out of irritation.

My problem last year was almost funny. The problem I was having then was that my wife's posts weren't showing up in my news feed. Of any posts showing up in my news feed, you would think my wife's would. We are friends on Facebook. I am officially "following" her posts on Facebook. She is listed as my "wife" on Facebook. (Yes - We are Facebook official.) After all of that, you'd think Facebook would catch on and actually allow her posts to show up on my news feed. Apparently they have other ideas, but that's not what's been irritating me this week.

My current irritation is the "suggested posts" that Facebook is inserting into my news feed. I understand the advertising part - they are a business after all. What blows my mind is the stories it suggests to me. More importantly, how far off they are from anything I have ever read, liked or shared on Facebook.

If you were to scroll through my personal Facebook profile (not my average jester profile - since that's just my blog posts) you would see a bunch of posts about how I’m a Christian, gun-loving, right wing conservative American patriot. For some reason though, Facebook feels the need to push its liberal agenda on me anyway.

All my suggested posts (by Facebook) are anti-Christian, anti-gun, pro-baby killing, anti-American liberal garbage. How in the world is that possibly a “suggested post” for me? I’m sure some of you are going to say I’m paranoid, but it feels a lot like a liberal indoctrination. It’s certainly not suggesting anything I would actually want to read.

For the most part, I don’t have a problem with views differing from my own. If you don’t like guns – don’t buy one. If you don’t love God – my opinion is the least of your worries. If you want to believe in climate change – go ahead. The point is…those are things some people want to read about. I’m clearly not one of them so why suggest it to me?

Now back to the title of this post, “The Small Stuff Matters.” My little rant about Facebook’s idea of what I should be reading may seem trivial, but the small stuff is what really gets to me. Little things like this are trying to sneak in under the radar. They are the most dangerous. Now I probably have a few of you shaking your heads in disagreement….so here’s an explanation of how I look at it.

You’re probably thinking that since I proclaimed myself to be a gun-loving patriotic American that I would spend a lot of time focusing on gun-grabbing legislation rather than complaining about Facebook indoctrination. The reality is that gun legislation only means so much. It’s nothing new. There’s always an anti-gun agenda. In my mind, if it really got to the point of gun confiscation, it wouldn’t really matter what the law was because there would be a revolution.

The anti-gun agenda is a big thing, but not something I’m going to worry about. It’s in your face, out loud and pretty straight forward. Yes, it could go horribly wrong at any moment and a revolution would tear this country apart, but it's too far out of my hands to sit and worry about it on a daily basis.

The small things like Facebook bias, media bias, and the garbage you hear about teachers getting away with in the public schools these days is terrifying. (The liberal, anti-American indoctrination of our children is a topic I could easily do a series of posts about - which is why I chose the simpler Facebook example today.)

The “big worries” of today, like the next mass shooting or terrorist attack, are certainly something to be vigilant about, but the chance of it actually affecting you personally is pretty slim. The “small things” like bias in the media and schools is an everyday threat that affects every single one of us.

To that I say feel free to worry about the small things. If you keep dibs on the small things, keeping track of the big ones is easy.

I realize this wasn’t my typical post, but sometimes when I feel like writing something, I just can’t let it go. Have a great week. Merry Christmas! (I won’t censor myself on that.) Until next time….