Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Crayons Drive Me Nuts average jester short.

I spend a considerable amount of time coloring with my girls. Crayons have historically been my coloring media of choice...mainly because of the wide variety of color options. Thinking back to my youth and our boxes of crayons that had maybe 12-24 colors in them, I can really appreciate the crayon selection in the boxes these days.

It makes me think about the person who has to sit there and think up all the names for the colors. It's almost as crazy as the job of thinking up color names for all the color swatches that every paint manufacturer has. I know who has the easy job though. The person designing the wrappers for the crayons. There may be 100+ different colors of crayons, but they apparently still only use the original 24 colors of wrappers.

Looking at this picture above, you can see my two favorite (or excruciatingly painful least favorite) color examples. I love blue. I can't remember the last time I colored a picture without using blue. I take that back. Half the time I intend to color something blue, it comes out grey, purple or green.

I appreciate the wide variety in the shades of blue shifting towards green, grey and purple, but can't you at least make the wrapper remotely close to the color the crayon will actually put on the paper? I mean, how am I supposed to make a fortune selling my crayon drawings on E-bay if I can't consistently blend my colors? Many a beautiful sunset picture has been ruined when I wanted to add that finishing blue-grey touch and the crayon puts a bright greenish blue line in my sky.

Here ends my crayon rant. Until next time....