Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jumping back to Blogger

If you're really paying attention today, you may have noticed that my URL re-directed to my "old" website. I recently started getting website hosting renewal notices for the average jester website. I thought that was a bit funny since it doesn't renew until mid-July. Those notices got me thinking about whether or not it's was worth continuing to pay a monthly fee for hosting.

I originally made the jump to a hosted site because I like playing around with website design and wanted something a bit more flexible than what Blogger had to offer. After six months on a hosted site, I am realizing that it's not really worth it to me to pay for hosting.

The biggest reason I chose to return to the more basic Blogger was the fact that I started blogging for a reason: Writing. If my real passion was website design, I know enough people who want/need assistance with their website that I could keep myself busy doing that. But I want to write. I feel I get more of that done on the Blogger platform because there are fewer distractions (think bells and whistles) to sidetrack me from writing.

I actually considered going back to Blogger a couple months ago, but found it a bit cumbersome to make the jump back. I (quickly) searched the web for steps and it seemed like every link I found was referring to a process that was no longer working or wasn't supported by my version of WordPress. Exporting my xml doc from WordPress was easy, but it just wouldn't upload to Blogger .

For any of you that may be considering the same move I just made, you can find a process that works at the WordPress2Blogger site. Ironically, the Wordpress2Blogger WordPress plugin is one that everybody says doesn't work anymore, but you don't need the plugin because you can do the conversion right on their site.

I'm happy with my decision to switch back to Blogger. I'm interested to see if it has any affect on my blogging or not. I always felt it was less cumbersome that logging into the WP admin portal all the time. (Part of that might be my inexperience and not utilizing other means for posting.) 

Fear not though. ... you can still expect the same rambling nonsense that you've grown to love here at average jester. It just might look a little more plain visually.

I apologize to those of you who thought this was a "real" post, but I wanted to clarify for those of you who noticed the url changing. I'll keep It will just redirect you to my Blogger site. Until next time....