Monday, February 1, 2016

Cut or Grow?

It’s the age-old question most of us seem to face on a recurring cycle: Cut it or let it grow? It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, teenager or senior citizen. The question is always there.

I thought about this today when I saw a co-worker had made the decision to go from a full beard to clean shaven…a choice I have made all too many times before. Just like I have done in the past, he has already decided to grow it back. Sounds like me. I get the urge to go clean shaven every couple of years. Like clockwork, I shave the beard….and two minutes later (literally)… I decide to grow it back. Without a beard, or at least a goatee, I look like a pudgy little kid. That’s typically all it takes for me to decide to grow back a little “facial coverage.”

I go through a similar process with the length of my hair. Having spent the better part of my life with a high and tight, Marine Corps haircut, I am partial to very short hair. I get the urge a couple times a year to grow out my hair. (For the record, “growing out my hair” means growing it out to maybe an inch.) I usually can’t stand it when it reaches the half-inch mark and then cut it shorter again.

The irritating part about me deciding to give up on growing out my hair is that it usually takes just long enough to get it that long that I get a tan line. Then, when I decide to go back to a high and tight, I have (what feels like) a glowing white bald head. It’s a vicious cycle, but one that many of us deal with.

It could be worse….I could be my wife. You can take that in two different ways. The first being my examples above. My wife is the one who has to be seen in public with me while I look like a pudgy kid with a glowing white bald head. The second is that I think women have the whole “cut or grow” problem worse than us guys.

It only takes me a week to grow my beard back. It takes my wife six months to grow her hair back out after chopping it off. I think most women tend to take it a bit more personally as well. While I will just be irritated with my choice for a few minutes, my wife will be upset about her choice for months. OK, I might be exaggerating a bit, but the reversal of chopping off six inches of hair does take a lot longer to grow back than a beard.

Sure, I suppose there a few tougher decisions in life that whether to cut or grow your hair, but those get talked about in everyone else’s blogs. I figured it was my duty to bring to light the hard-call decisions that everyone else is afraid to talk about. There’s no need to thank me. Just be sure to think about me next time you make a quick judgement call decision to cut your hair or beard and then think “Oh crap! What did I just do?” Until next time….