Friday, March 18, 2016

Look Out World

The time has come once again for some real fun and excitement. Firefighters are preparing for action. Emergency phone contact information is being exchanged. I even have a neighbor who sold their house and moved away. You guessed it.... the wife is heading out of town for a few days and leaving me in charge of the house....and kids.

For those of you who missed it last time around, you can check out my former post "When Mom Is Away...The Kids Will Play." I set pretty high expectations during our last daddy-daughters weekend and even set a few challenges. Although I feel my daughters and I did a fine job of rising to the challenges and accomplishing our goals, I was still a little disappointed. Not once did a fire break out or someone need to dial 911 or visit the ER. We didn't break any priceless heirlooms. (Our heirlooms are worthless or "without value or price"....we just think priceless sounds better.)

To prevent such a bland, blah and generic daddy-daughters weekend from happening again, I have decided to make a few changes this time around. Here's what I have planned:

I Will Make No Plans

Making plans would practically guarantee a flawless weekend without issues, accidents or injuries. Don't get me wrong, I don't really want anyone to get hurt, but at least a close call here and there to liven things up. Making plans would have us running like a well oiled machine. That would just spoil us and give my girls an inaccurate perception of how life really works. We wouldn't want that.

Where's the fun when you have a nice, neat and organized schedule? Who would want to know exactly what they'll be doing at any given moment throughout the weekend? Not me. That would be like looking at the tv guide (do those still exist??) to see what you will watch on tv Thursday night. Clearly the more sensible, and exciting, thing to do is randomly pick out a Netflix show on a whim.

Making plans will definitely be skipped. For the record, meals will be eaten, baths will be taken and teeth will be brushed. Those are more like habits than plans. Plus my wife would kill me if I didn't take care of the basics. 

I Will Set No Expectations

Setting expectations would ensure my daughters are well behaved and following directions all weekend. Rules would be followed and there would be no arguing. The house would be clean and toys would always be picked up after playing with them. Seriously, why would I want that? If I wanted a clean house, I would go visit a friend.

Having no expectations means anyone can accomplish anything. My seven year old can make our meals. My five year old can do the dishes. They can help each other do the laundry. There will be absolutely no expectations for accomplishing these tasks because (let's be honest here) they can't really do much worse than me at any of those tasks. 

We Will Have Fun

Don't get confused with this one. I am NOT "planning" to have fun. I just know that by not making plans or setting expectations, daddy-daughters weekend will be a blast. We may or may not have any personal possessions left unbroken by the end of the weekend, but we are certain to have a lot of fun. Until next time....