Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Bird Flu

I have the pleasure of working my way through Influenza A right now. Also known as Avian Influenza or the "Bird Flu." ("A" does not stand for Avian I learned.) It's kind of a crazy name for something I could actually catch myself. You can Google it yourself, but I'll give you a heads up and let you know there's a lot of wackos out there who think it's named this because it has some origin with birds....particularly waterfowl. I can set you straight though.

In reality, it's called the bird flu because it's just like some bird flew in under the radar and started pecking at your eyeballs creating a massive headache. The bird then continues to tear at every fiber of your body until you feel like your flesh is being torn apart piece by piece. Don't worry though, because the 103 degree fever quickly sets in and scares the bird away. Then you're just achy, miserable (and of course - still contagious) for anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

There is one thing I enjoyed about having the flu. Somewhere around the time my raging fever was making my eyeballs feel like hard boiled eggs about to explode, I experienced a great moment of clarity. It's at this moment that I discovered something amazing: I had complete, 100%, no questions asked clarity into why my daughters each related to specific My Little Ponies.

For those of you not "in the know." I'll give you a brief background. My Little Ponies is a cartoon that can be played nonstop via Netflix at any hour of the day without any concern for how many times you have seen the exact same episode. Even with the "newer" added episodes/series where the ponies turn into humans and go to high school together, you still only have so many episodes to choose from. Needless to say, spending Saturday through Tuesday home sick with one or more of my daughters at my side, I got to see just about every episode.

I haven't yet decided if all the pain of the last four days is worth it now that I know which ponies my daughters are most similar to. I shouldn't complain too much though, I was fortunate to have the flu related pains to help mask some of the My Little Ponies marathon pain.

I will however always cherish the flu of 2016 as the time I learned my daughter Ziva is the spitting image of Rainbow Dash. An attention seeking, have to be first at everything, stampede through the room Tomboy who likes to learn things the hard way, but is always eager to help a friend. I also learned that my other daughter Siri matches up nicely to Pinky Pie. The looks all cute, quiet and shy girl in pink that knocks your heart through your throat when she blurts out an off-the-wall comment at the spur of the moment....and at the top of her lungs.

I suppose I should have used my flu-induced, near coma extreme moment of clarity to try and cure some disease or solve a serious social issue, but I didn't. Baby steps. You have to take the really important things in life in baby steps. Besides, knowing me, I will probably get a severe case of Pneumonia or Bronchitis before Spring is over. There's always a chance for clarity there as well. Until next time....