Monday, March 21, 2016

The Grocery List

This weekend has been a lot of fun. In case you didn't read my last post, my wife headed out of town for a few days leaving me in charge of our girls...or vice versa, depending on how you look at it. I am happy to announce that everyone is still alive and we have not yet had to visit the emergency room. I probably shouldn't say that as we still have 24+ hours without mom in the house, but I'll take my chances.

I was reminded of something very important in my wife's absence: I am not good at grocery shopping. I have never denied this fact. I just figured I would have somehow been better at it now that I've been married with kids for quite some time now. This is in fact not the case.

If you were to look in our fridge, you would think a bachelor lives here. Part of this is because I was only tasked with buying the bare essentials to get us through my wife's absence. Part of it is because I am horrible at grocery shopping. I have often joked that I need a shopping list to survive. A typical scenario plays out like this:

Wife: "Honey. Can you grab a gallon of milk on your way home?...Do you want me to write it down?"
Me: "No need. 2%, right?....oh yeah....we get the half water-half milk ,low fat stuff."
Wife: "Yes. Low fat."

I then proceed to bring home $100 worth of groceries...and no milk.

Yes. I need a list. Yesterday, I even had my girls reminding me what I needed. Milk (no we're ok for now). Juice. Mac and Cheese. Oatmeal. Cereal. Hamburger for dinner. Donuts - because it was daddy-daughter donut day.

What did I forget? Milk...technically that was intentional since it's cheaper at Kwik Trip anyway. Oatmeal. Mac and Cheese. I did remember the hamburger (and buns) as well as some Brats because they were on a killer sale. Probably not a need, but even my wife would never yell at me for buying Brats....we love them. Most importantly, I forgot the juice. Heaven forbid my girls get stuck drinking water?!?

So, today during my lunch break, I had to make a "quick" run to the grocery store again to get the things I forgot. Yes, I made a list. I got everything on my list. The problem is that I really struggled finding a few of the items on the list.

Milk was easy. It's always in the back. (I didn't feel like making a separate stop at Kwik Trip and the milk was lower than I thought.)

I got lucky on the oatmeal since it was logically in the same aisle as the cereal.

I couldn't for the life of me find the Mac and Cheese. I easily located all the other pastas and pasta sauces. Apparently Mac and Cheese doesn't rate as a pasta. I finally asked an employee where I would find it. (By the way, they are always extremely helpful at HyVee.) I was quickly led over to the Mac and Cheese. When I joked that Mac and Cheese must be the black sheep of the pasta family and not allowed to be in the same aisle, she told me that Mac and Cheese is a "boxed meal" and therefore grouped with those items. Makes sense now, but not something I would have guessed on my own.

The juice is always a chore for me. Even though I seem to always "half remember" that it's not located in the three aisles of beverages, I always seem to go look there first as if they decided juice should belong with all the other beverages. Nope. Still not there. At this point I was too embarrassed to ask for more help, so I wandered a little bit. I did finally find it....and I still don't know why it isn't with the other beverages. Maybe I'll ask another helpful HyVee employee next time I'm in there.

In the end, all is well. I found everything I needed and was on my way. It only took an hour or two. OK. Maybe it was only 10 minutes....but it felt like an hour. We were able to have juice when I brought the girls home tonight. We had milk with our Mac and Cheese supper...with Brats on the side. I'll count it as a win, but I'm still looking forward to my wife taking over the grocery shopping when she returns. Until next time....