Monday, April 25, 2016

Construction and Taxes

Two summers ago, we were blessed with a dirt pit instead of a street for a couple months as they replaced the road and the water lines beneath it. Following that construction phase came the little bump in our property tax by means of an assessment.

We didn't have it too bad that summer because we live on a corner and our driveway opens up to the side street. That meant while all our neighbors had to park on the side street and walk down to their houses, we were able to park in our own garage throughout the construction project. 

It's looking like the city is gearing up to tackle the side street this year. You would think I'd be a little upset about getting hit by another tax assessment and more construction on our street, but I'm not. In fact, I am quite excited for it.

Our side street happens to be a fairly steep hill. This hill also happens to be in quite poor condition, but that's not what has me excited about the roadwork. I'm excited to get my yard back.

Our hill has had enough asphalt patch filled into the countless potholes over the last two years that it probably would have taken less asphalt to just repave the road in the first place. I understand the band-aid fixes while waiting for the real repair, but it's been killing my yard. 

None of the patches seem to stay put...especially during the winter. The snow plows consistently rip them up (along with all the salt and sand they spread on the hill) and throw them into my yard. My entire side hill is a third asphalt chunks, a third sand and a third weeds. I would like to say there's still some grass surviving on the hill, but I can't even convince myself of that anymore. 

Getting the notice in the mail today for the public hearing on what our tax assessment will really look like was perfect timing. I did the first mowing of the year this past weekend and I was getting all worked up about how much worse my side yard gets every year. I was seriously contemplating paving the whole hill and just painting it green. Looks like I might not have to do that now.

I've been chomping at the bit for Spring to get here in full force so I can start enjoying my outside time and yard work again. This added little bonus of a new side street (and less asphalt in my yard) is just an added bonus. This year is starting to look up. If I could just figure out a way to get them to pave my driveway while they're at it, I'd be golden. Until next time....