Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bathroom Befuddlement

I'm not normally one to blog about hot political topics, but the current bathroom policy being forced on us was just too hard to pass up. If you're one of those people who only likes to read things you agree with, I'll save you some time and tell you right now that I don't agree with the new policy in any way shape or form.

I don't happen to agree with the lifestyle choice of transgender, cross dressing or any of the numerous other labels that may be applied to these individuals. Agreeing or disagreeing with the individual's lifestyle in the first place makes no difference on the new bathroom policy itself. It's more the slap-on description of "gender you identify as" that throws me for a loop.

Fixing the unbroken
As far as I can tell, we seem to be creating a rule to fix a problem that doesn't exist. I can understand trying to find a way to curb discrimination and keep people from feeling uncomfortable, but this policy does the opposite.

The policy is supposed to help a group of people that comprise about 0.3% of the population. Almost 4% if you want to include all LGBT according to Wikipedia. The blatantly obvious problem is that it's discriminating against the other 96-99.7% of the US population.

These individuals have obviously been using the bathrooms up until now. I haven't heard about some great bathroom issue that needed to be solved. As far as curbing discrimination and ridicule, that should be addressed in itself just like it is with everything else people get harassed about. It shouldn't be a policy that discriminates against a far larger segment of the population.

Since I am not one of those people suffering from bathroom confusion or any form of discrimination when nature calls, I decided to ask someone who might.

When in doubt - ask an expert
Believe it or not, I actually have a friend who served as an excellent resource for me. Yes. Me. The conservative Christian living in a small town in southern Minnesota actually has a friend to go to about this.

My friend is a cross-dressing man who is currently undergoing Estrogen treatments for an upcoming breast construction surgery. He is heterosexual and has no intent to change his male plumbing. He just happens to feel more comfortable wearing dresses and would feel even more comfortable with real breasts under his dress.

He is aware that I don't agree with this choice and can't personally comprehend the thought process behind it, but it's his choice to make.  If I broke off a friendship with everyone I didn't agree with, I would have very few friends.

So now that you have a bit of background information of him, you're probably wondering what his opinion is about this new bathroom policy. Well, he thinks it's asinine. He has zero doubt in his mind that this is the most ridiculous thing he's heard in many decades. If a cross-dressing male living in a small town with a greater than average number of Christians (many people think we're all bigots - so I thought I'd throw that in) doesn't have any issues with the bathrooms as they are, who does??

What's the real complaint?
The great majority of feedback against this policy seems to start with opening the door to sexual predators. It's obviously making things easier for those dirtbags, but it's not the biggest issue I see. They'll find a way to do their dirty deeds one way or another. Besides, there are plenty of male predators that like young boys (same goes for the females) and they already have "access" in the men's room as it has always been.

I think the bigger issue is the generic description thrown into the law about using the bathroom that "matches their gender identity." Really?? I'm gonna guess that there are about 97% of high school boys that will suddenly start identifying as a girl if it gets them in the girls' locker room.

This law to fix an problem that doesn't exist is just going to create more problems. In addition to the discrimination of the majority, I believe there will be a rise in peeping incidents and the associated assaults when Dads like me find out about them.

On the bright side
I am always saying that I try and look for the good in everything. In this case, I would have to say it's the amusement factor. The shock and sheer idiocy (once again) of Obama's horrible agenda is almost too pathetic to believe. It's like living in a bad dream. If it wasn't for the effectiveness of his plan to completely destroy our country, I would laugh about it.

I do find myself laughing at the deluge of memes making fun of the ridiculous bathroom policy though. My favorite from today was, "Kennedy put a man on the moon while Obama put men in the ladies' room."

Thanks for taking the time to read my little mini rant. I typically like to keep average jester a bit more fun and light hearted, but I felt like writing this one out to get it out of my head. Until next time....