Saturday, May 21, 2016

Don't Blink

I occasionally find it difficult to pick just one of the random blog ideas bouncing around in my head to write about. Per my usual fashion, I asked my junior editors (5 and 7 years old) what I should write about today. Before I could list a few ideas for them to pick from, my youngest daughter, Siri, blurted out that I should write about her. Well, they've never lead me wrong in the here's a post about Siri.

Before I get in to the handful of things that first popped in my mind when she said to write about her, I wanted to clarify one (or two) things about her name. First and most importantly, Siri is NOT named after the Apple app with the same name. Although Apple's Siri is technically older than my daughter, it was not released as a featured app on iPhones until after my daughter was nobody had ever heard of it. It really shouldn't be a big deal, but I'm an Android guy and apparently take offense when someone thinks I would name my daughter after a product produced by Apple.

In reality, my wife and I were specifically looking for a more unique name. (However unique it was when she was born quickly diminished once everyone became aware of Apple's Siri....but I don't want to keep beating that dead horse.) The reason behind our desire to have a unique name is because her older sister is named Ziva and it's hard to follow a Ziva with Mary, Ann or Sue. (Not that there's anything wrong with those names.)

Before you ask....Yes, the idea for Ziva's name came from Ziva David on the tv show NCIS. It started as a joke before we even knew the sex of our baby. I just kept saying that if the baby was a girl, she was going to be tough like Ziva. (Ziva David is an Israeli Mossad officer turned NCIS agent on the tv show for those of you not familiar with it.) In the end, the name just stuck....but this post is supposed to be about Siri...

My wife worked with a real sweetheart of a gal named Siri a number of years ago. That is where the idea for her name came from. Coincidentally, the Siri that my wife worked with years ago is the sister to one of the teachers at our local school. 

My little Siri is definitely unique as a person. Although it might be more accurate to say she likes to operate at the extremes. Basically, she's on her own path and that path can change on a dime.

In one minute she will be playing mom to her numerous baby dolls. She will care for them, feed them, take them on walks and make sure they get down for naps. She is a gentle, nurturing and caring "mom" to her dolls. Very much a girly-girl.

She doesn't let her girly side run her life though. The next minute you see her, she will be knee deep in dirt and mud. She loves rooting around in the dirt finding worms and "good" rocks to add to her rock collection. She is also my number one go-to helper whenever I'm doing yardwork....especially if it involves gardening or something with the potential to get dirty. 

She also follows extremes with her attitude. She will be the cutest little girl with some crazy one liners all afternoon. Sometimes I wish I had a video rolling 24/7 just to catch them all. Just when you think she can't be any more adorable...she's not.

First rule for talking to her: Don't ever tell her she's cute or adorable. For some reason that really sets her off. If you happened to tell her she's cute late in the afternoon when she's getting out. You will see the fire and rage you wouldn't expect to see from a teenager in full meltdown. Like I said - extremes.

Her eagerness for adventure also runs hot and cold. She will run in fear, screaming in terror, away from a housefly that buzzed past her face. She "pretends" to be shy around new people....and then soon won't stop talking. Leave her alone for five minutes outside and you'll find her climbing a tree or standing on the roof of the house asking if she can just off.

She is definitely my little daredevil. We have had enough trips to the doctor for Ziva's allergies and (what they won't label) Asthma. I fear the trips to the ER with Siri will be for broken bones. Hopefully not, but I am realistic and want to be mentally prepared.

At the end of the day, no matter what you name your kid, how unique or temperamental they are or how old they may be today - don't blink. These moments will fly by in a flash and you will wonder where it went. That's probably enough rambling on about one of my daughters for today. I should probably start writing a post about my older daughter now.... When she finds out about this one, she'll certainly need a post just about her too. Until next time....