Sunday, June 5, 2016

Brownie Points the Easy Way

I have had the pleasure of another Daddy-Daughters weekend with my girls. My wife made the trek over to her folks house in Wisconsin to spend a few days prepping for an upcoming move. Sounds like a lot of fun, but since they've lived in the same house for 35+ years, there's a lot of stuff to go through.

Somehow I seem to be getting a lot of easy brownie points out of the deal. Don't get me wrong, I love accumulating brownie points whenever possible - who knows when I'll need them?? In this instance though, I don't really think they're all deserved. At the very least, they weren't very hard to earn.

I thought I would take a few minutes to go over them to see if they're really deserved. It's not like I'm keeping track or anything. (That's a lie. I meticulously document all brownie points earned - just in case I need to cash one in at a moments' notice.)

"Allowing" my wife to head to her folks solo.
I'm not really sure how I got automatic brownie points for this. There was never a moment of doubt in my mind that helping her parents get ready for a big move wasn't a good idea. That's what family is for. I can't fathom a reason I wouldn't have encouraged her to help her parents. After all, our parents spent the last 40ish years of our existence helping us.

Although I would have been happy to head out with her to help, this stage of deciding what goes and what is disposed of does not sound like a lot of fun to me. Fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it), I have a finite amount of vacation to use. This allows me to save my helping resources for the manly, heavy lifting stage of the move.

That being said, I think I got the better end of the deal. I get a free pass on the decision making part of moving that I don't enjoy, but still get to help out later when the actual move takes place. I will still be able to spend time with the folks at that later date in the near future, so it's a win-win.

Staying home "alone" with the girls.
I would never pretend that I can hold the house together anywhere near as well as my wife does. I still don't know how she does it. You can check out an earlier post called My Wife in a Word...or 365 if you want to know more about that. Maybe the way I am awestruck by her abilities leads her to believe that I doubt my own ability to at least keep the house together for a few days in her absence.

She certainly sets me up for success. She plans everything for me before she leaves so I don't forget some inconsequential thing like making sure the girls take a bath or get something to eat occasionally. She typically schedules one of the meals while she's gone to be something like Happy Meals from McDonald's. Pretty easy as far as food prep, but also a treat for me as I like burgers as much as the next person. I also get to make Mac and Cheese for one meal because it's easy and apparently I make it better than Mom does??

It shouldn't have to be said, but I love my girls. That means I actually enjoy spending time with them. Who'd have thunk it? Having my wife out of the house means that I am their number one go-to person for a brief period of time. Truth be told, they usually default to going to Mom first when she's around. Now that they don't have that option, they are forced to have fun with Dad instead.

Once again, I don't think it's brownie point worthy, but I'll take it. I get to have fun with my girls and all the planning was done by my wife before she left. I just have to try and follow the plan as much as possible.

Having the girls take turns being sick.
It never seems to fail that when my wife leaves us kids alone at home, one or more of us gets sick. Well, this time was no different. My wife left on Thursday afternoon and my older daughter Ziva started throwing up Friday morning. It did hurt that I was then forced to take a day off of work since I didn't want to pawn off a sick kid on the pre-arranged  babysitter. It was apparently some 24 hour bug because she was fine by mid-morning Saturday.

My younger daughter Siri apparently took that as her cue. She started throwing up Saturday evening just after supper. It seemed to hit her a lot harder in terms of how many times we struggled to make it to the bathroom and/or her "sick bucket." The plus side is that she got over it about as fast as it hit her. She was feeling better by mid-morning today (Sunday).

Now that both of them are in good spirits and feeling well, guess who doesn't feel 100%. Yep, me. I managed to avoid the getting sick part, but can't seem to kick this raging headache. (For the record, both my girls had really bad headaches as well.) Let's just say Gatorade is making a pretty penny off our family this weekend.

I can almost see how this one would warrant a brownie point, but it almost makes my job easier. Maybe I should say it makes my time at home more productive rather than easier. Since at least one person in our house has been under the weather the whole time, we've had a lot of around the house lazy time. I got a number of projects done at home since we didn't want to head out too much with the risk of someone getting sick out in public.

I won't turn down the brownie points, but couldn't in good faith accept them without at least acknowledging that they weren't all that terribly difficult to earn this time. I better add them up though because next time might not be quite as easy.

I better run for now. I have a load of laundry in the dryer that needs folding. (Did you hear that honey? I did laundry.) I should also take advantage of both of my girls feeling better to get them outside on this beautiful, albeit windy, Sunday afternoon. Until next time....