Monday, August 29, 2016

Beer in all its forms

Hi, I'm Mike from The Blog of Thog, and I'm delighted that Jesse kindly let me loose on his blog to talk about a subject of my choice.

So, after reading Jesse's excellent post about beer (and book) clubs, I chose beer to write about.

Beer is a liquid that I am indeed very familiar with, it's been over the years my favourite alcoholic drink - when I say beer, I do include all beers, taking into account bitters, mild, stouts, pale ales, real ales, wheat beer, and even lager, which some people of the real ale fraternity take as a real insult.  But I'm sorry, it's all beer to me, and it's great.

My father with a selection of beers.  The smile I think was generated by the presence of the beer.

It's very easy to drink, you see.  Wine and spirits I enjoy on occasion (particularly cognac, spiced rum, and gin) but they always bring with them an element of style, of being fashionable.  This sounds like a good thing, but when you're an everyday guy who just wants a drink to unwind at the end of a long day, beer is uncomplicated.  Crack it open, and take a swig.  The cans and bottles are small enough for you to drink an entire one, and glasses are optional extras.

Another point to beer - it's resilient.  This beer had a brown sauce dropped in it, and was still perfectly drinkable and didn't even crack or chip the pint glass.  Try doing that with a flute of champagne.

And I even include non-alcoholic beer in this praise - whilst perhaps not having the same range to sample from as normal beers, I'm having a non-alcoholic lager at the moment and it's perfectly drinkable, and what's more doesn't dull the senses that I would rely on to get this post written.

Beer has some fascinating characteristics.  For example, take the world famous Guinness.  Guinness, I say to you, does not travel.  I've had Guinness all over the UK, and it has a burnt aftertaste that puts me right off (although if you mix it with cider, it makes a pretty decent drink).  However, in Dublin, the home of the black stuff, it is smooth, with a great taste, and in short is absolutely delightful.  The only danger is that after seven pints in Dublin I did find myself in a Chinese health shop apparently enthusiastically agreeing to a variety of treatments, which fortunately I suffered no ill effects from.

So, in summary, beer is a great drink for those in need of a little alcoholic (or even non-alcoholic) sustenance.  If you're of a suitable drinking age, consider having a beer responsibly. It could be the best decision you make today.


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A great big thanks goes out across the pond to Mike from The Blog of Thog. Mike was my very first international guest blogger here on average jester. Once we got past the language barrier, it was smooth sailing from there on out. The mutual love for barley and hops based beverages certainly didn't hurt. Many thanks Mike!    ~Jesse