Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Going for Gold

I figured if I was going to write something about the Olympics, I better hurry up and do it before the whole world gets crazy about it. Or at least before I get sucked into watching the Olympics and won't want to peel myself away to write a blog post.

In the past, I never really got all that excited about the Olympic Games. This year is a little different though for a few reasons. The biggest reason I am now excited about the Olympics is because I just found out that my wife and girls are all excited about it. Since they're all excited to see the games, I better get excited too or I'll be the odd one out. 

Another reason I hadn't been real big on watching the Olympics in the past is because of the viewing schedule. They always seemed to highlight the events that I didn't care about. If I was lucky, I could wake up at 2am and watch a few snippits of something I actually enjoyed. It's looking like that may be better this go-around. Not only do the summer Olympics have more of the events I enjoy, the opportunities for streaming and online viewing are growing constantly.

Truth be told, there's only one sport that I'm really excited about. Taekwando. I have never seen the Taekwando events in the Olympics. It was always replayed at some unnaturally early hour of the night or barely even mentioned. Looks like I have four days of options this year with the big events being in the evening when I can actually watch.

It's sounding like I will also need to figure out the volleyball, swimming and gymnastics schedules as that's what my girls are interested in seeing. I enjoy volleyball in person, but can go either way if it's on tv. Swimming has never been one of my favorites. I enjoyed the US/Phelps victories, but that meant swimming overload to me. Diving is fun to watch though. 

Gymnastics is the one I think I will actually be able to get into with my girls. They fancy themselves little gymnasts, but in reality, I do better cartwheels than they do. I have a feeling that will change before the summer is over though.

I'm interested to see how the Olympic Games continue to evolve. The variety of sports have changed a bit over the years. Judging by how our society is going, I am expecting one of two versions of the Hunger Games to begin.

Yes, by one of those I am indeed referring to the book/movie by the same title. I'm sure it will start out as an interesting mix of the shooting sports and hand to hand fighting sports. Swordplay will be an added bonus. Although technology could provide a virtual "safe" version for the players, I imagine our desensitized blood-lust mentality will turn it into an actual killing game like the book. 

I would propose a different Hunger Game that will feed off (yes, I've been waiting two whole paragraphs to use that pun) our spiraling decent to gluttony. A wide smorgasbord of eating competitions. Plenty exist today already - although not at the Olympic level. The only problem I have with this is which one I would want to train for. Hot dog? Cheese Curds? Oh, I know...Chicken Wings.

Come to think of it, the Hunger Games, or Gluttony Games if we have to call it like it is, could actually go hand in hand with the training for a few of the existing sports. I recall hearing the ridiculously high amount of calories Michael Phelps had to consume daily when training. I guess if you spend all day swimming at that level, you might be able to get away with eating that many calories. Then again, some "doctor" will probably tell me it's still not healthy and ruin my idea.

Whatever the outcome of the Olympic Games, whichever countries come out on top, or how many chicken wings I eat while watching them, it will be fun. I am envisioning my two little girls suddenly developing a huge passion for swimming, gymnastics and volleyball. They already enjoy all three as it is. Seeing the "pros" do it will only intensify their desire to give them all a shot. Until next time....