Monday, August 22, 2016

Listen to your father

There are a number of things our parents told us as children that many of us struggle with understanding until we become parents ourselves. There are also some things a few of us still struggle with to this day.

I know one that took me a few years to understand is that my dad is always right. Well, almost always. (I don't want him to get a big head.) Plus, I don't have enough time in one post to explain all the things I learned from my dad after many years of reluctantly accepting that he was indeed right from the beginning.

My own girls are no different. They are just as stubborn and unwilling to believe in the all powerful wealth of knowledge that is their father. They also seem to have learned the same tactics I used when trying to avoid admitting dad was right. Cover and concealment.

I'm not sure where I learned cover and concealment in the first place, but I know it wasn't until my years in the Marine Corps that I really understood the difference. For those of you who don't understand the difference, here's a quick refresher using a battle scenario:

The enemy is approaching and you jump behind a bush. You have found concealment. They cannot see you because you are concealed. As long as they never see you, you will be alright. If they do spot you though, a bullet will fly right through that little bush and hit you...because you don't have cover.

Cover on the other hand is getting behind something strong like an armored vehicle. You are protected from that bullet flying your way. However, the cover you choose to take will only protect you so far. There's always another means for the enemy to by-pass your cover, but you have to at least make it hard for them.

Bringing this to the topic of defending against admittance that your father was right, you still have the same concept. Take for example, (totally hypothetical and not at all related to something my dad said to me last night at 7:42 pm CST) if my dad were to say that I really seem to have been blogging a lot lately. I didn't think I was blogging all that much, but my natural instinct to not admit he was right moved me into concealment and cover.

Step one was to move a bunch of my blogging activities to other websites. I know my dad only reads the average jester blogs because I signed him up for automatic email delivery to his inbox. Yes, this was without his prior approval and no, he doesn't know how to turn them off. Anyway, this is concealment. By blogging from a different platform, it's not easily seen by my dad and therefore protects me by limiting the chances he'll see the other posts.

My dad is getting a lot more computer savvy these days though, so I know this concealment method won't last too long. He might remember that he has a Facebook account and pay a visit to the average jester facebook page and see the other posts that I share there. He might even take it another step and use the comment section on the Facebook post or Facebook Messenger to send me an "I told you so" message.

To prevent this, I need cover. By intentionally writing this post about the whole topic, I am calling it out before he does. I have a legitimate cover story about how I wanted to mix things up and broaden my writing experience, blah, blah, blah. The point is that it now looks like it was my idea to admit that I have actually been posting a little more frequently rather than him just being right.

I suppose it would have saved a lot of time to just admit he was right from the start, but where's the fun in that? What would I have blogged about tonight if I didn't have this refresher course in cover and concealment? I guess we'll never know because I never seem to learn. Until next time....