Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Major Events

I'm always looking for major, earth shattering topics to blog about here on average jester. For those of you who've read a number of my blogs, you know I rarely find them. You loyal readers also know where I turn when I need help in the content creation department...my girls.

Tonight wasn't one of those times where I was struggling for a topic though. I've actually had quite a few "half-topics" as of late. Those are almost more irritating that not having a topic at all. Some of you fellow bloggers out there may know what I'm talking about. You get a flood of ideas, but they're all half baked and don't seem to amount to a full blog post. Luckily for me, my youngest daughter had a great idea for a blog tonight.

As we were eating supper this evening, Siri (my youngest) offered up an exceptional idea for a blog. She said I should write a blog about how well she was eating all her blueberries. You would really think that one could write pages of thrilling content about blueberry eating, but I just couldn't seem to make it work. (OK fine...I never really tried because I had another idea first, but don't tell her that.)

I thought I would share a different major event of this week. Our neighbor has been watching his brother's dog for the last few days and that has created a lot of excitement on our household. My girls and I love dogs. My wife can go either way on the matter and is therefore not real vocal for or against dogs. Needless to say, we don't have a dog of our own. That means when there's a perfectly good dog right next door to play with - it's game on.

After a few trips next door to pet the dog, our neighbor gave us the go-ahead to take him for a walk. That made the girls' week. We took a nice educational stroll around the neighborhood. I probably answered 100 questions during that 20 minute walk. I'm pretty sure I knew the answer to at least a third of them. The rest I just gave good educated guesses. 

Mostly it was a learning experience for my girls as they tried to understand why the dog had to smell everything. It just added to the excitement when he chose to pee on something he just smelled. That lead to more questions. Why did he pee here, but not at the last spot? Isn't he supposed to lift his leg when he pees because he's a boy dog? Why is he only peeing and not pooping? You know - all the typical "edge of your seat" questions. 

We then had some more major excitement yesterday when he managed to wriggle through the door next door and make a break for it. He gets a sense of freedom. The whole world is at his paws. Where does he go? He ran right to our back door and begged the girls to play. Of course, as soon as the girls opened the door a crack to say hi to him, he bolted inside the house for the grand tour. I unfortunately missed it as I was at work. I did however get to hear about it 15-20 times over supper. And let me tell you, the story just kept getting better and better. 

Today the major event was learning that tomorrow will be his last day living in his temporary abode next door. Due to this earth shattering news, we decided to take him for a little walk after supper this evening. I was proud of my girls for pointing out every little thing he did and explained why he was doing it. I still got asked 100 questions, but it was the same question over and over...

He decided to do his pooping business two minutes after we left. That meant I got to carry a plastic bag filled with poop for the next 15 minutes. That bag of pure joy I was carrying lead to the repeated "What's that smell Daddy?" question that I answered the first 30-40 times...out of 100 times being asked. 

We'll see how the girls do tomorrow when Major leaves. (That's the dog's name by the way - Major.) I'm sure there will be some tears. The good thing is that I am also friends with my neighbor's brother and he lives here in town. That means there's a good chance we will get to see Major again at some point. 

Does this mean we're going to rush out and get a dog? Probably not. A dog in our house would be a lot like my kids in my youngest sister's house. A lot of fun, but you better be prepared for when the novelty and cuteness factor wears off. 

Truth be told, I would enjoy having a dog again. I had one back in my bachelor days in East Texas. Then again, I had 6+ acres of land for my dog to run around on. I also didn't have to go outside in the sub-zero Minnesota winter temperatures we have here. Who knows what major events next week will bring. I can tell you one thing though - You'll probably hear about it on the old blog here. Until next time....