Thursday, August 11, 2016


Before my girls go to bed each night, we do a little reading time with each of them. Tonight, I had the pleasure of having my seven year old read to me from one of her chapter books. The title of the book was, "Pizza is the Best Breakfast." As horrible as this makes me sound, I couldn't help but think of all the different kinds of pizza I love...and breakfast pizza isn't high on the list.

I really love pizza. I love many different types of pizza. With the exception of pineapple and anchovies, I enjoy just about anything on a pizza. I have my favorites, but a breakfast pizza just isn't one of them. It not for a lack of trying on my part though. I have tried breakfast pizza on a number of occasions and found they come in two forms: Really awful - or - tastes good, but is a waste of perfectly good eggs and sausage. That's just my opinion and it is affected by the fact that there are plenty of other toppings I would prefer to have on my pizza.

I could fill an entire post listing all the different types of meats I like in my pizza so let's just say a meat lover's pizza is a great starting point for me. I'm not as fond of pepperoni as I was as a least not if it's the only topping. I tend to flip between sausage and chicken as my meat of choice. It's probably my sophisticated adult palate or maybe it's just not exciting enough for a high falutin' guy like me.

I have always loved peppers. Having grown up in Texas, I like to throw a little fire in my meals. Jalapenos and banana peppers are my go-to additions to many meals...and pizza is not an exception. I do enjoy green peppers and/or spinach as well for a little something extra, but they don't really add a lot for me in terms of flavor. (I won't get into the after-affects the combination of spicy peppers and mixed vegetables on my pizza have on me.....You're welcome.)

Cheese is a crucial pizza ingredient in my eyes. Obviously cheese needs to be in a pizza. I'm saying there needs to be lots of cheese. I had a love of cheese long before I spent a decade living in Wisconsin. It was just intensified by my cheesehead years. I went through a period of time where my addict-like craving was for a Pizza Hut cheese lover's stuffed crust pizza with chicken and jalapenos. It apparently wasn't enough to have the double helping of cheese on the cheese lover's pizza - I also had to add the cheese stuffed crust.

These days, I tend to lean towards the deep dish pizzas which I can only assume is because they provide a deeper base to hold more meat, cheese and other delicious fixin's than a regular crust. I did even attempt to eat an entire large stuffed pizza from Sbarro in one sitting, but that was in reaction to a challenge from the guy behind the counter. I made a joke about being hungry enough to eat an entire stuffed pizza by myself. His response was "no way" and it would be free if I did. I'm not sure whether to be ashamed or proud (health-wise), but he didn't end up having to give it to me for free.

Having a couple little pizza-eating monsters in my house, and a tight budget, we have our fair share of frozen pizzas. I have noticed a strange thing that happens with (cheap) frozen pizzas. They typically taste like a cheese covered piece of cardboard straight out of the oven. I manage to get past that and eat some anyway. What amazes me though, is that even the cheapest of the cheap pizzas are amazingly palatable the next day if re-heated in the microwave. That makes me wonder now why we don't just microwave them in the first place??

There is one type of pizza I just can't stand...and I know I'm going to take a little heat for this one, but I will stand behind this until the day I die. In my completely humble-lacking opinion, pineapple has no business being on a pizza. I think the idea itself is disgusting. I almost feel nauseous just thinking about it. I realize everyone is entitled their own opinion. That doesn't mean your opinion is right though. :)  <--- See? I even put a smiley face to tone it down a bit.

There is probably another "issue" I have with pizza that might cause me to catch a little more flak. I have never liked cold pizza. I don't care if I wake up at 3am and feel the pizza in the fridge calling my name, I will wait the 60 seconds it takes to heat it up in the microwave before I will eat it. Well, 59 seconds anyway. At 3am, I better stop the microwave manually before the beeping starts at the end of the minute I lazily keyed in while I was half asleep. Otherwise I will have to share my pizza with an irate wife and/or curious children.

Well, if you managed to trudge through to this point, I now offer you good news. That's all I really have to say about pizza for tonight....other than the fact that I think there might be a few slices in the fridge right now. All this talk about pizza made me hungry. It's not even 3am yet. I better go check it out before I forget and wake up at 3am with a hankering for a slice. Until next time....