Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shaking Things Up

Some of you who follow me on Google+ and/or Facebook may have noticed that I have been contributing a few posts here and there to other blogs. It's not that I got confused about where I was or who I am. Think of it more like a little child wandering out into the world on an adventure. (Keep in mind that I am neither little, nor a child...regardless of what my writing skills might lead you to believe.)

Blogging is an interesting creature. It often starts as an idea, grows into a passion and then levels out as an addiction somewhere between an avid coffee drinker and a meth junkie. One of the blogging friends I made along my path, Tim Clark, explained it pretty well in his post "Blogging-It ain't for everyone-Yes it is" if you'd like to check it out...and I would encourage that.

The fact that I am eager to share Tim's post with you is an example of one of the greatest things about blogging. I'd be lying if I didn't say the personal enjoyment of putting my own thoughts to words was the biggest joy. It's the friends you make along the journey that surprised me. Although I have met very few of my fellow bloggers in person, I have been developing some fun relationships with bloggers from around the world. (Note to future bloggers: That's where the addiction part kicked in for me, but it also added fuel to the fire.)

This added fuel made ideas that have been bouncing around in the back of my brain housing group want to jump out and be written. Because of that, I started making a few changes to my blogging habits.

First, I started writing posts for other blogs. That gave me an opportunity to write a little more of the fictional ideas that pop in my head rather than the daily personal journal of sorts I have on average jester. That added the fuel I needed to take the next step...

The next step is that I started (or will be starting) another blog called average jester writes. There is nothing really there as of yet, but I figured blabbing about it here would help ensure I finished some of the  stories I already have rolling drafts for. Hopefully that site will start popping soon.

And last, but certainly not least, I decided to not be so stingy about letting a couple of other bloggers post some content on average jester. Guest blogging (which I'm very new to) is a fun way to interact with someone else's followers. I have to admit I get the better end of the deal on this since I am the guy with the little blog in comparison to the others who've allowed me to post to their sites.

So, consider this fair warning - You will occasionally see an author or two other than me posting here on average jester. I just wanted you to be prepared when you start seeing blogs that are actually worth reading popping up now and again. Don't worry though, the majority of the content will still be mine so it shouldn't be a huge shock to your system.

Alrighty then, that's about it for today. In true average jester form, I turned a three sentence notice into a two page blog. We'll see what changes I can come up with next just to keep you on your toes. Until next time....