Saturday, September 24, 2016

A brief apology, after a lengthy annoyance.

Hello, my name is Tim Clark. I write a series of blogs, and am not really sure why. +Jesse Zahrt has been kind enough to let me write a post on his blog, explaining my blogs, and I am not really sure why. But, here goes.

If you know me, you know I like everybody, and if you don't know me, well, I like everybody. And I want everybody to be happy. I just don't want them doing it around me too long. People make me uncomfortable. Small talk is a minefield, and sooner or later one small misstep will create an explosion. And it will land mostly one me. So, I try to avoid it, at all costs.

Last week, for example, some of our co-workers from the New York office were in town for some meetings. I went to get some water in the kitchen and all three of them were standing around a box of bagels, enjoying a small meal before attending their meeting.

I was trapped, there was no hope of escape.  They had seen me, and it would have been rude to turn and run.

"Have a bagel." One of them said.

"Sure, breakfast is the most important meal of the day." I said, trying to sound cheerful, don't show fear, they will recognize the emotion and then all is lost. But, I was stuck. They were all looking at me, expecting more. I had to think fast.

"I think they are all pretty important, though. Discrimination is a mistake. Lunch sets the tone for a productive, happy afternoon..."  And I went on and on about how each meal had its own special place, how each snack was sacred. For fifteen minutes, or more, I lost track of time.

But, by the time I finished, they had left for the meeting. When I was telling my wife this story that same night, she got up and went to bed, before I could even get to the inherent value of yogurt and granola as a late night snack.

That is why I blog, because it is easier than conversing, and pretty much how I blog, at great length, much ado about nothing, so to speak. If you are interested, the links are below, and if you are a little steamed about the time wasted reading this blog, I apologize, And if you are undecided, join the club.

Thank you,


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Many thanks to Tim from over at Life Explained for working a guest post in here at average jester. I say this this because he writes for like 142 different blogs. I'm pretty sure he's actually an artificial intelligence mainframe somewhere rather than a living, breathing person. He is also gracious enough to let me write on a few of his blogs from time to time. Check out his page and you'll find links to most of his other pages in his author bio. Thanks again Tim!