Sunday, September 11, 2016

Everything In Moderation

I am toying with the idea of writing for yet another blog and it got me thinking about how much is too much. The blog I'm considering writing for, Get ConnectDAD, is written by a bunch of fathers. It's a great concept based on 52 traits that we like to see in our kids. I think it's right up my ally as long as I have time to stay on top of it.

A number of things in life are best enjoyed in moderation. Some examples would be eating, drinking and paying bills. Eating too much can lead to obesity, heart disease and death. Drinking too much alcohol kills brain cells, causes liver damage and gives you an unwanted reputation at the company Christmas party. Paying too many bills is really boring and has a negative affect on your bank account.

What about blogging though - is there such a thing as too much? As far as I'm concerned, if you have content and time - write. If you have content but no time, get rid of lesser important things like bill paying to free up time to write. If for some crazy reason you have time but no content, open your eyes a little more. Ideas are everywhere you look.

The only downside I would see is trying to crank out too many posts and having your blog quality deteriorate. I know a number of bloggers who write for ten or more blogs - successfully. I only write for about half that number today so I know it's quite possible to add more.

I find having multiple blogs to write for very handy. I never intended to force my own blog into a specific niche, but it still ended up being a general personal blog. I get a number of ideas that don't quite fit my average jester blog and these other blogs I write for come in handy in those instances.

So that brings me back to whether or not to add another blog to my writing arsenal. I am torn because I love the idea of Get ConnectDAD, but the content I would write there matches the heavy "dad with daughters" undertone of average jester. I might just be a little selfish this time and keep those ideas on my own blog. No matter what I end up doing, I encourage you to check out their site because the overall idea is awesome. I know I'm going to be following them.

Of course that means I will now probably start looking for another blog that isn't quite as similar as my own and is also willing to let me add a little average to it. Until next time....