Monday, September 19, 2016

My heroes have always been good guys

When did the heroes stop being good guys? Or, more accurately, when did society stop recognizing the heroes as the good guys? I have been back and forth on how to write this post without it turning into a huge rant against a large portion of society and where our country has been heading lately. Then it came to me.... I am the average jester. An average guy, leading an average life as the average dad. The dad part got me thinking about how I would explain this concept to my girls. 

Batman vs. Superman
This recent movie is what started the gears going in my head. My gears are so well oiled that I didn't even have to see the movie to get them turning. (That's an admission - I haven't seen the movie.) I did a quick Google search to see how in the world - or universe since Superman is an alien - did Hollyweird come up with the idea to turn a good guy superhero into a bad guy. 

First of all, what little I know about the plot actually kinda-sorta makes since. The background is a fairly legitimate excuse to get them to go at each other, but I still don't like it. Second, I think the idea was fueled by our society and the media's (because I blame them for a lot) twisting of fact and igniting the hatefest that we have going on these days. (Don't get me started on how the media no longer reports on the news, but rather spins the stories to whatever they think the flavor of the day is.)

Basically, if Batman and/or Superman can be turned into villains, what's the point of the "good guy story" if you're going to wreck it anyway?!? Like I said...It aligns pretty closely to what you see on the news. 

To my girls I would say to continue to be the best they can be. Don't judge someone else by what the "group" or media says about them. People will reveal their true colors all by themselves. You will be able to make up your own mind in due time. 

Christianity (Jesus as the ultimate superhero) 
I can tell you without a doubt what my girls would say any time you asked them who they go to when they need help. They would say Jesus will help you. They'll still come running to mom for a more immediate answer, but their heart is in the right place. 

Our society has morphed the true meaning of tolerance into tolerating (and accepting) everything except Christianity...because Christians are supposedly so intolerant. Because of this backwards thinking, it's completely (apparently) justified to attack Christians for their beliefs, sue them for standing by their beliefs and then waste a bunch of time trying to remove the Ten Commandments from court houses and stop saying the pledge of allegiance. All because of words like "In God We Trust" or "Under God." 

This makes a group of people who believe in loving God and loving their neighbors the bad guys. I won't bother getting into all the bad guys that are apparently acceptable to society even though they are hell bent on killing us. 

As far as my girls are concerned, I will continue to raise them as God-fearing, loving people. The fact that they are learning from the ultimate guidebook lets me know they will be able to make the right decisions when I'm not there to help them decide. Nobody's perfect, but a solid base of right and wrong will definitely improve your ability to make the right decision. 

Law Enforcement
I remember local police officers handing out baseball and football cards to neighborhood kids while they were out on patrol. We loved cops. We knew they were (and still are) there to protect us. Heck, most of us wanted to be cops when we grew up. 

Now days though, it's all out war on law enforcement. They are literally being hunted down and assassinated. Our society, once again fueled by the media and a bunch of criminal supporters, stopped taking responsibility for our own actions and found others to blame - no matter how ridiculous the grounds are. We are bashing the real-life superheroes of today and making the criminals (villains) the victims. Apparently it doesn't matter if you bring it on yourself anymore. 

My girls understand the difference between right and wrong. They certainly know how to respect authority. They have known from a very early age that breaking a rule or going against the direction they were given will result in a consequence. It's not a difficult concept. Laws are laws. There is rarely a grey area between right and wrong. You commit the crime - expect to do the time.

I love teachers, but I do have issues with the liberal agenda being forced on our children at an alarming rate. I will set that aside because no matter how valid that argument is to me, it's not the point I want to make about teachers. Teachers are being held accountable for the lack of parenting going on in our society today.

Your kid is failing - blame the teacher. Don't worry about the fact that they skip school, don't do their homework, run all over town into the late hours of the night and basically have to consequences for their actions because the parents don't set any expectation...much less enforce them. I realize that's a broad sweeping stroke, but it applies to the type of parents who would blame the teachers for their own poor parenting skills. Once again, a teacher should be a hero for all the work they do, but they are turned into the bad guys because of out of control and undisciplined kids. 

I am very fortunate that my girls absolutely love school. They are fortunate to have the greatest parents ever. Well, maybe not, but we certainly stay very involved in every aspect of their lives. We support the teachers who train them. We ensure they are completing the work they are supposed to do. We have further taught them that teachers are authority figures that are to be listened to and respected just as they would listen to us. 

So who's next?
If I had to put money on it, I would say the Firefighters are the next to be turned into villains. I can just picture the media coverage.... How dare they flood cause all that water damage on this low income family's home? I think they should sue the fire department for that. Never mind the fact the firefighters just saved their kids from a burning house. Or how about the nutcases that open fire on a crowd of people to prove that black lives matter. How dare those firefighters try and save those innocent victims - get 'em. 

I got nothing on this one for my girls. They understand firefighters will save you, but they just can't get past the super loud sirens. Those sirens rolling up on our house during a fire would terrify them far more than the raging inferno. I'll have to work on this one, but hopefully it doesn't become a need. 

Since you made it this far, I will give you the Cliff notes version: Be nice. Be respectful. Do good. Don't do bad. It's really not that hard to understand....or so I thought. Until next time....