Friday, October 21, 2016

Bring in the clowns

If there's one thing we can all agree on during election season, it's the fact that it's fun to watch. Once you get beyond the whole "our country is going down the toilet" concern, you can really have a lot of fun watching the the whole election process. You've probably heard the term "media circus" before and I am fairly certain whoever came up with that term was just being polite and not wanting to call them the clowns that they really are. The problem is, they're not the only clowns involved. 

Looking big picture, I wouldn't blame the rest of the world for thinking our country as a whole is just a big American made car filled with a seemingly endless supply of clowns emerging. It's not just the election. The whole idea of what's right and wrong has been flipped upside down. People are standing up for criminal thugs, hunting our cops and praising unpatriotic pieces of garbage who kneel during the national anthem and stomp on our flag. Ok, those things are far from laughable and "clown" isn't an appropriate term for them. Since this is a family blog, I'll just call them fools. That's mostly because I have Mr. T. in my head saying "I pity the fool..." 

The politicians are the clowns in the limelight right now. It takes a lot of skill to keep up the clowning around on the campaign trail. Most (normal) people don't have the stamina to maintain a story after it has been blasted apart by fact and/or common sense. It also takes an extraordinary amount of "hamming it up" abilities to talk for such extended periods of time while avoiding an answer to a direct question. 

The talking heads on tv seem to be their biggest fans and worst enemies at the same time. I think it's fitting since the media has some world class clowns in their ranks. In fact, I think some of the best and brightest clowns out there work for the media. (For the record, "best and brightest" refers only to their clowning abilities and nothing to do with their intelligence.)  Unfortunately, these clowns have the best platform and the technological resources to put their own act in the spotlight. 

I'm doing my best to try and laugh at it all. We do have Halloween just around the corner so I will have the opportunity to see all the clowns in training. Then again, with the creepy clown sightings that are popping up all around the globe, there probably won't be too many clown costumes this year for Halloween. I bet there will be plenty of Trump and Clinton costumes though. 

Personally, I prefer a jester to a clown. Jester's are smarter, better looking and do a better job of making people laugh. That's probably why so many people have a phobia about clowns, but nobody seems to have an issue with a jester. Certainly not your average jester anyway. Until next time....

Me when I'm not blogging.